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Urban Retreat Spa commenced in 2006 as a luxury day spa that offers a wide range of massages and therapies for all needs. The first outlet is Urban Retreat Spa The Curve and followed by Urban Retreat Spa at Mont Kiara. The next in line is our sister branch, Uroot Spa in Arcoris Mont Kiara. URoot is a boutique spa that unites local massage techniques, creating a cultural experience to rejuvenate mind and body.  Our latest outlet (the fifth) is Uroot Spa at Marc Residenses KLCC Suites. The fourth is Urban Retreat Onsen Spa. Urban Retreat Onsen Spa brings a refreshed spa experience combining authentic traditional Japanese Onsen culture with traditional body therapies. 

A new spa concept by Urban Retreat Spa, the Urban Retreat Spa Onsen promises the same luxury day spa quality, top-notch services and ultra attention on hygiene and customers comfort.

This is the waiting area for you so that the receiptionist will comes to you to explain what type of onsen temperature you want, onsen mineral scent and body scrub scents too. 

For the onsen salts are subjective as it changes but the can choose which category:


For Healing

a) After rigorous work, sports, hiking or gym

b) Relieves stiff shoulders & lower back pains

c) Ease muscle tension & stiffness

d) Improves Blood Circulation

e) Assists lymphatic drainage


For Calmness

a) After a hard day at work and for stress relief

b) Improves sleeping

c) Releases stress & tensions

d) Relieves fatigue

e) Refreshes mind


For Beauty

a) Ideal for getting baby-soft and supple skin

b) Silky smooth skin

c) Brightening & Whitening

d) Moisturise skin

e) Boost skin suppleness

These are the body scrub scents you can choose from : 

Jasmine Benefit : Protect and soften

Coconut Benefit : Moisturise and anti-aging

Vanilla Citrus Benefit : Deep cleansing and brightening

Hinoki Mandarin Benefit : Calming & refreshing

Tropical Spice Benefit : Energizing & warming

Bamboo Charcoal Rice Body Scrub Benefit : Detoxifying & Purifying

Walnut Geranium Rice Body Scrub Benefit : Invigorating

Here are the place for you to wash your foot before doing any treatments except if you choose to do onsen, straight to the onsen private room as you need to shower first before going into the onsen tub. 

They provide onsen, body treatments and massages as well. 

They will give a locker number and you just need to scan locker. 

Here are their lockers and dressing table that has body lotion, small towels, hair dryer, cotton buds and tissue. There are 3 onsen rooms, a changing room and a bathroom too. 

Here is the onsen room that they prepared for me and I chose ZEN onsen salt. The scent of the onsen salt is Ginger Ginseng. It relieves fatigue. It can be detox and elimate bloated. Lastly, it contains 11 types of Japanese herbs.

Love it very much! I chose 40 degree celcius temperature of the water. It is very mild hot temperature. It was 45 mins that you can soak yourself into the onsen tub. 

You might wondering what is ONSEN? 
1. What is used in onsen? 
A wide selection of imported onsen bath mineral are available. Our experience Spa Concierge will assist you in the selecting process.

2. Where are the products for onsen from ?
100% from Japan.

3. Are the minerals sensitive free?
Yes. Unless you have a hyper sensitive skin to salt / sulphur.

4. Is the water recycled?
We DRAIN the used water, and CLEAN the tub after each use.

5. Is there a couple tub?
All onsen tubs are individual - for male and female 18 year abv.

Come to Urban Retreat Onsen Spa ♨️ come light. We provide almost everything ranging from locker, shampoo, body wash, basic facial wash, disposable wears, hair dryer, towel, and slippers.

What to expect for an Onsen?
♨️ Lightness of the body condition, muscle relax, clarity of mind, total relaxation through details service and skill from the therapist
♨️ Private onsen bath tub
♨️ 200 years old Hinoki Pine tub
♨️ Hygienic tub
♨️ Imported mineral salts

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to discuss about your preferred treatment expectations. Late arrivals will limit the time for your treatment, lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure and an extension of time loss will not be compensated. Your treatments will end on time so that the next guest is not delayed.

For your comfort, disposable undergarments is to be used prior to the start of the spa treatment, however our therapists are highly trained in the correct draping procedures for your privacy.

Picture first before heading to my body scrub and body massage treatment

Here is the room for me to did my body scrub and body massage. Here is the body scrub that I chose : SIGNATURE MASSAGE SCRUB. 
A scrub incorporated with massage techniques curated exclusively by Urban Retreat Onsen Spa. It used a dry brush technique to assist your natural lymphatic drainage, stimulating your body’s natural detoxification process while you go through a relaxing and cleansing process. The scrub scent that I chose is Bamboo Charcoal Rice Body Scrub. 

After the body scrub, you need to shower and they will prepare ginger tea for you calm down so that you can relax all the way for your body massage. The body massage that I did is TIMELESS URUTAN MALAYSIA. It is the best of Malaysia comes together : Traditional Malay Massage, Chinese Acupressure, Indian Champissage & Heritage Massage Techniques. It is specially curated for deep relief of stiff and strained muscles.

This is the VIP Lounge that you can sit down after your treatments.

They served a piece of cake with ginger tea for me. Thank you for the great services. I love the cake and ginger tea very much. 

I am giving 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for their good services from the start until the end. I love their body scrub as it was very mild scrub and it won't hurt your skin at all. Lastly, their Timeless Urutan Malaysia massage very awesome. To be honest, I kept farting non stop at there. I know sounds very embrassing but then no choice. It means the massage was very very good. You should check out for more body scrub treatment and other body massages. 

For more information 
Urban Retreat Onsen Spa 
Onsen Escape
 RM129 | 45mins
Signature Massage Scrub RM199 | 60mins
Timeless Urutan Malaysia RM 239 | 90mins
Address : 163 Retail Park Mont Kiara, Lot 2F-02, Second Floor,
Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur 
Opening Hours : 11AM – 10PM daily
Contact Number : 017-881 4486

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