Saturday, May 8, 2021


Dear my beloved readers 💕. I have received new beauty products in the house. It is Fanbo. The brand is from Indonesia. Remember to select the right skincare and makeup options for your skin is paramount. Our hot and dry Malaysian environment creates specific challenges the product, and long days of social distancing and the added pressure mean we want to ensure that any product used with our skin is going to last the distance, as well as make us feel just as great at the end of the day as the moment we applied it. 

With Fanbo's heritage of bringing out the best in every woman (with their products), allowing them to be the best versions of themselves, reputable and trustworthy skincare is here for women of all ages. Known for its exceptional quality, durability, applicability to the local skin types, and of course, value for money, Fanbo is ready to offer Malaysian ladies the same quality curated products that have been serving our neighbors for decades. But this ‘nostalgic brand’ is as contemporary as possible; their continuous research and development ensure that the latest developments are included in their full range of products.

Fanbo Precious White Milk Cleanser with Sakura Essence, a gentle Milk Cleanser that removes dirt, dust and makeup easily so the skin feels clean and fresh. It contains Sakura Essence, AHA, Pro Vitamin B3 and Chamomile oil which helps keep moisture and makes your skin look radiant. 

Fanbo Precious White Facial Wash, New Product from Fanbo products to care for skin beauty. It enrichs with Sakura extract that is believed to nourish the skin so it is always healthy, smooth and soft. White Sakura extract is a typical Japanese flower that is a symbol of a woman's beauty. Sakura has a good antioxidant power and Isoflavinnya content to prevent the formation of skin melanin is a substance that makes the skin dark. Fanbo Pecious White Exudes a clean white skin throughly. 

Fanbo Precious White Face Toner gently lifts the rest of the dirt, dust and makeup easily so the skin feels clean and fresh. It contains Sakura Essence, AHA, Pro Vitamin B3 which helps keep moisture and makes your skin look brightly. 

Fanbo Precious White Moisturizer has Extract Sakura and Pro Vitamin B3 extract that helps nourish the skin so it looks bright and healthy, soft texture, lightweight and fast absorb without stickiness and make a comfortable moisturizer used as a skin protection before starting make up. 

Reviewed them on my face! 

I am giving 🌟🌟🌟🌟 for these whole products as it is suitable for my dry skin. Luckily, it doesn't caused any sensitivity and breakouts after using them. It is suitable for all types of skin. All the products are light and easy to absorb, it removes dirt, impurities, and makeup with ease, with provitamin and Sakura extract to keep skin moist and make skin fairer.

For more information 
You can buy them at Shopee, Lazada or PGMall  (your choice where to purchase)

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