Saturday, June 24, 2023


Dear my beloved readers 💕 how are you guys? It has been so long I didn't write blog again. Honestly, I wish I have more time now but my time is quite packed everyday even weekends. Today is the only one Saturday that I am free due to not much chats and I am alone while my baby RCKH is at workplace. 

Anyway, recently I have found new brand on the board at Watsons Malaysia which is NUViT Malaysia. NUViT™ is committed in pursuing “Authentic Beauty”, we emphasize on professionalism, reliability, sincerity and purity as our brand mission. We believe that only the cleanest and purest elements can nurture the finest skin, unleashing the confidence and inner glow within. 

NUViT™, an integration of “NEW” and “VITALITY” accentuates the importance of the needs and necessities of bare skin, refining the core of beauty, enhancing the most genuine and natural appeal from beneath.

Building upon our mission, NUViT™ utilizes the most credible technology and studies to bring you highly effective formulations combined with organic or plant based extracts and high bioavailability nutrients to propel cosmeceutical care towards a new era.

NUViT™ upholds the international good reputation of Y.S.P.I., our concept of operation is to promote quality living and professional medical care, emphasizing the effectiveness of cosmetic medicine, proposing the philosophy of beauty from within and vitality, transmit the brand’s spirit of back to authenticity.

NUViT™ impregnates the most natural elements for the beauty of the skin-pure natural dermatology, to fulfil our promise to improve the quality of life.

I did reviewed it on my face. Anyway, it is a must to use makeup remover everyday after work/outside even though we didn't put any makeup. Why? It is not only clean our makeup off, it is also to clean our oil, impurities and dirt too. Anyway, to me, it is normal makeup remover. I am more love their sunblock actually. 

NUViT daily defender lightweight moisturizing sunscreen 50ml with SPF50+  is a unique lightweight sunscreen fluid providing high protection via Photo-Shield technology that can combat aginst UVA and UVB rays. It is incorporated with anti-pollution properties which helps to rebuild skin barrier to renew healthy skin. Its light, non-greasy texture guaranteed fast absorption and continuous hydration. 

SunCat DE helps prevent photo-aging and absorbs UV rays. UV Blocker forms a protective film on skin and blocks UV rays from penetrating the skin. PolluShieldTM is functioned as anti-pollution agent and protects the skin from urban dust. It reduces metl embedding in skin. It also increases skin anti-oxidative capacity. BlumilightTM reduces oxidative stress in skin caused by blue light and boosts collagen production. Golden Seaweed extract inhibits UVB induced inflammation mediators. Ceramide Complex & Hyaluronic Acid restores skin barrier and moisturizes skin.

Check my video out! 

After applying on my face whole day, I don't feel oily or sticky at all. Honestly, the most importance thing towards me regarding skincare or bodycare is NON-STICKY! 😂

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