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Good morning my dearies 💕. It has been a very long time that I didn't update my blog already. I was so busy with my work and a lot of incidents that happened in my life last year and this year. Let's give me some time to write more about it on my blog soon 😉. 

Today, I would like to share about this Korean brand - Dear Doer, it is a mindful, vegan beauty brand that brings joy to daily life with nourishing ingredients and an invigorating fragrance. I got to know this brand while I was scrolling on my IG and I really wanted to try it so much as it helps to reduce acne. Yet I have a lot of acne and scars on my back, so I would like to give it a try! 

There are 5 types of body scrub and I got is The Hidden (the name of the body scrub). They have the number 1 rank body scrub’s new product 2022 in Korean beauty APP Hwahae. Besides this, it is their best seller new item in Korea's Health & Beauty store Olive Young. 

💙💛 The Hidden Body Scrub Information 💛💙

1. Fragrance: Cozy, Subtle Musk Scent - Ambery Floral fragrance

The exclusive and trendy fragrance, which is created in cooperation with the perfumer of the top French fragrance company, with a subtle musk, creamy, skin like smell, not intentional and endless aftertaste.

2. Features & Benefits:

- Exfoliates dead skin and hydrates skin

- Helps to combat ingrown hair and chicken skin.

3. 2-in-1 Body Shower Scrub

- Coconut and palm produce microbubbles, so it can be used as body wash

4. Texture: Smoothie-like texture

5. Exfoliators:

- Mixed with 2 kinds of exfoliators.

Andes Tarsal salt and volcanic stone powder mixed exfoliators that exfoliates skin gently and effectively.

6. Ingredients:

- Made with vegan-friendly, mild ingredients

- Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, which hydrates skin

- Wintergreen leaf extract, natural BHA, which helps remove dead skin, clogged impurities

This is the before and after using Dear Doer Body Scrub and the result amazed me! I love it because it exfoliates dead skin and hydrates skin as well. Honestly, I have been using it for 1 week and then it really can used as body wash. It is suitable for all the skin types even sensitive. As you can see from my before and after picture, it is non-edited pictures and it really whitens our skin per use! 👍

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