October 07, 2014

Dear babes and dudes, anyone of you love to try new cafes in Penang? I have known a lot of cafes in Penang and this time I tried Coffee Smith which is at Maritime Piazza along Karpal Singh Drive. The first time I have visited it with my boyfriend and secondly I have visited it again with my only one primary school friend Stephanie. 

Let's we get started with the date with Stephanie (28/9/2014)

Stephanie came and fetch me from my house and then we went to my boyfriend's house to pass him something and then out of sudden, my pants button came out!! It was so unlucky date for me!! I gotta give troublesome to Stephanie that she fetched me back home and changed into another pants. And then, we straight went to Coffee Smith for lunch!! The waiter served us quickly and luckily not that much people, so we ordered our food and didn't order any drink because we planned to eat dessert after that. Most of the pictures are captured by Stephanie using my phone. 

Welcome To Coffee Smith 

These drinks are included into Stephanie's lunch 
Coffee and Orange Juice 



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After that, we paid the bill and then we went to U Desserts for dessert!! The waiter served us and then we ordered our favourite dessert. The service quite fast but then the only thing is there are a lot of flies!! Just be careful with your dessert then. Hahahaha!! Overall are delicious!! 

Welcome To U Desserts 



After eating dessert, it is still early and we went to Gurney Plaza for movie! We chose Golden Brothers because Bosco Wong is my favourite Hong Kong actor!! Our movie time is 6pm and we still left 2 hours plus to walk around. We walked around and then we stopped at Juice Works and I treated her Juice Work drink which is the promotion of this! BUY 1 FREE 1 (3 flavors) only. 

For more information

E-mail : info@udesserts.com

Tropical Sunrise (Mine) and Fibre Plus (Stephanie)

  For more information

E-mail : info@juiceworks.com.my

After that, around 5.45pm, we went up and went into the cinema and watched the movie. After the movie, we went back home already. Thank you for everything, Stephanie for drive me around and listen to my everything. I love you and I hope our friendship will lasts forever!!

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