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Dear babes and dudes, have you heard of Human Nature brand? I am sure everyone know about it and if you don't know, let's me tell you their story and do read my blog for more details. First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to my lovely friend Nicole Yie for chosen me as winner for this SET 2

Human Nature's products are chemical free and suitable for men, women, kids and babies. 

"We believe that a high quality product that is good for you, that won’t make you or your family sick, and won’t make you go broke isn't too much to ask. We also want to bring these amazing products straight to your door so you don't have to walk around endless shops just trying to find them. These products can come find you!"

All the products in Human Nature are
Safe to use
Socially responsible
Never tested on animals
Environmentally friendly

This is the parcel I received from Down To Earth Enterprise 

All Natural Spray Sanitizer
All Nature Healthy Lotion 
All Natural Feminine Wash 

Anyone of you love body lotion? I am person that I love lotion but then the problem is I lazy to put onto my body but then sometimes I am very "ai sui" so I will put and make my skin soft and smooth when I touched it. And for my thought is the smell real nice for those girls love sweet smell. This is the most recommended lotion for you and yet cheap! One more thing, after I put all over my hand and I feel my skin real soft and smooth. 

1. Non-Whitening 
2. Non-Tanning
3. No Parabens 
4. No Synthetic Fragrances
5. No Harmful Chemicals
6. 100% Healthy Beauty 

Let's we say HELLO to Human Nature Healthy Lotion 

Please read the instructions and ingredients carefully before using it

It is easy to open also 

Here here!!
 Dumb of me again cause put so much LOL

I was looking at the website and I found that there are Blossom Beauty which I am reviewing and Berry Bliss!! OMG!! I want to try this because I am crazy over BERRIES!! Can Human Nature sponsor Berry Bliss for me? *crossed finger*

Hey people, don't be lazy on spraying or using sanitizer before eating, after eating and whenever you're outside. It is very important for us to make sure our hands are clean especially when your hands gonna touch foods or mouth or face. Well, this is easy for you to use which you no need to squeeze the sanitizer onto your hands. Let me introduce All Natural Spray Sanitizer!! 

Let's we say HELLO to Human Nature All Natural Spray Sanitizer 

Please read the instructions and ingredients before using it 

It is easy to use! 
Open the cap and spray onto your hands and then your hands
 are clean!! 

My thought is I love the smell so much because it smells peppermint and it is very cooling too. Most importantly, it cleans your hands and make your hands smell PEPPERMINT! I am a person who love peppermint so much! If you do, it is recommend for you to purchase from them. 

There are also 3 flavors of sanitizers
 from Human Nature. 
1. Human Nature All Natural Spray Sanitizer (Cool Burst)
2. Human Nature All Natural Spray Sanitizer (Citrus Burst) 
 3. Human Nature All Natural Kids Sanitizer 

Here is for the girls to wash their private part. Dudes, you can buy it for your beloved mum/girlfriend/wife if you really cared of them. We as girls must take care of our private part as it is seriously important to us. It will produces bacteria and some odor if you didn't wash it with feminine wash. We have to make sure that we wash our private part everyday! 

It is Charmomile Cool 
I have read Nicole's blog that it says it does feel cool after using it. 
OMG!! Is that true? LOL 

Please read the instructions and ingredients before using it 

I put onto my hand little bit only 

My thought is I haven't try yet. I am using another brand of feminine wash. I will finish it first and then only use this Human Nature brand. Please wait for me alright? This product has another flavor which is Chamomile Fresh is in pink colour. Who love pink colour? You may test it by yourself. 

Finally, I am done reviewed 3 products from Human Nature which I won them from my lovely friend Nicole Yie's blog.

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