Sunday, October 12, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, it is 12th October 2014 which is important date to me. What's it about? It is my beloved mummy came back home for her 1 year anniversary and birthday date too. How much I missed her so much and yet I know she will never come back to me anymore. She always live inside my heart and only her can be my beloved mummy! 

It has been 1 year she left me and I learned a lot of lessons and missed her so much. I knew that I cried for her for few months but then if I keep crying, I know that my eyes will get more worse. I always keep telling myself that I cannot ever cry anymore! No matter how much I cried, she will never come back and talk with me anymore! I can tell that today I didn't even cry at all and I am proud to say that I am strong girl and I am sure my beloved mummy will be very happy too. 

First of all, the most closest person to me is my beloved mummy! Anyway, at the first place, I seriously telling myself that I can't live without her and my happiness are gone already. But then now I feel that I should find my own happiness. How? I should live my own life with a lot of happiness and laughter. I missed everything between me and her. What are they? These are the stories between me and her. 

When I was 13 years old until 17 years old 

Every morning, I woke up and I will called her OH MOTHER! for so many times. I can act childish in front of her only and that time she was doing her cooking things. After that, I watched my drama at channel 324 and I still keep talking with her (any topic will do) and to tell you guys, I am very talkative in front of her for 24 hours before sleeping during night time. Hahahahah!! Sometimes I will wash my own clothes and I will tell her that I will wash clothes first and then only talk with her. After washing, I dry up the clothes and then I will tell her that I am gonna take my bath. After bathing, I will call her OH MOTHER! for so many times again! After that, I am done! She also done her cooking things and then we together eat lunch. After eating her lunch, she will go and take her own bath and then come out and I disturb her while she was wearing her pajamas. Hahahahaha!! After that, we will watch channel 333 together until 4pm and she will take her nap. I will online and I will wake her up at 6pm for channel 333 again. After that, at 7pm, my dad will come back and then they will talk and sweet sweet together. I will take my bath and eat dinner with them at 8pm and we together watch channel 333 at 8.30pm until 10.30pm and my dad will go and sleep already. My mum and I will talk again until 12am or 1am only sleep one. Is that great of both of us? How wonderful we are when she with me! 

When I was on the age before my 21st and after my 21st 

Every morning, I woke up earlier and have to take care of her by cooking for her and myself. She will watch her favourite channel 333 and after done cooking, I will call her to eat lunch with me. After done, I will wash those things in the sink and she will sit down on the chair. After done, she wants to take her bath and I will follow her go toilet and she will take own bath while I am watching her outside from the toilet. After done, I will take her clothes for her and she will wear it. And it is my turn to bathe. I will bring her go and sit on the chair on the living room and keep remind her "DON'T WALK AROUND YOURSELF". After bathing, I will wear my own clothes and we started to talk again. It is same stories. We will watch tv until 4pm and she will take her own nap and I will keep watching her even though I am online. At 6pm, I will call her up and she will sit on the chair again while I started cook for my parents and myself again. At 7pm, my dad will come back and take care of her whenever she wants to go toilet or take her own bath. After done, I will eat dinner with them. After done, I will wash and will go and take my bath After that, they will watch tv while I am online and I will watch tv with her at 9.30pm until 10.30pm and then at 10.30pm, she will go for bed already. 

There are a lot of stories but I doesn't wanna write here. Well, I took care of her for 1 year 3 months in and out of hospital without studying and working. I am not saying that I am very perfect daughter but once your loved one sick or anything, you gotta sacrifice for them if you really love them so much! The moral value is appreciate your loved one before it is too late! Lastly, I want to tell my mummy that I miss you so much and I love you so much! Thank you for being my beloved mummy, best chef, best listener and best in everything!

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