Friday, January 9, 2015


Today I woke up at 6am as my hubby called me and asked me to open the door for him. LOL!! The reason is he wants to avoid his mother due to a lot of reasons. Sigh! I am kinda pitiful for him because he treats his mother so good and yet his mother don't know how to appreciate him at all. For those got your parents treat you very very good, appreciate your parents more than you okay? After that, we slept together and finally, at 9.30am I woke up and I took my bath and get ready everything. 

Then, my daddy and I went for breakfast together and he dropped me at QB. I walked towards Maybank and took out some money and I walked to HSBC again to meet the manager at there. After that, I am done and whatsapp-ed my good friend Stephanie and told her that I am done and once she gonna come out from her house, she will whatsapp-ed me back. After that, I walked around Acewin, Hutz Fashion, Missha, Beezelments, Vintage Concept and Brybell and lastly, I bought a lace long sleeve dress from Hutz Fashion. I really love the dress so much. I feel myself into feminine style!! 

After that, I went to J.CO and ordered J.COOL TWIST (5 toppings) and walked out from QB and waited for Stephanie to come and fetch me. Finally, she reached and we straight headed to The Summer Place Condominium for gym! We do exercise together and Stephanie said she wants to swim, so I didn't bring any swimsuit, but then I still went into the pool with my exercise clothes as the material is same as swimsuit. LOL!! Forgive me :D

After that, we went to the toilet and changed into our clothes. After that, we headed to QB again as Stephanie wants to watch movie. But end up the movie I chose is A Fantastic Ghost Wedding. We reached QB and bought our movie tickets and it is at 5.30pm, so we got 30 minutes to walk around. So, we went to Watsons and I bought 2 bottles of Antabax body wash while Stephanie bought her lip balm at there. I found out that Watsons got new membership and the card is LINE!! Anyone here love LINE?? It is an app for you to chit-chat with your friends and same as WHATSAPP and WECHAT only. Well, it is LIMITED EDITION!! Faster go and sign up and it is only RM 20 and LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and it will refund you back RM 5 into the card :D

Super duper funny movie! LOL 

After that, we went into the cinema and the movie was super funny and crazy movie. The movie finished at 7.20pm and we went down and bought Davedeli dinner for me and my hubby. Then, Stephanie dropped me back home. I am seriously had great time with her!! :) 


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