Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last Saturday (24/1/2015), I had my great time with my BFFF - Shalini. Finally, she invited me go out after our last meet up on 19/12/2014. I woke up at 8.30am and get ready and my hubby dropped me at her house. She cooked breakfast for me. Thank you so much, babe! And then, she took her bath and get ready. We went out from her house at 10.30am and we took rapid bus go QB. I purposely want to take rapid bus because it was so long that I didn't take rapid bus after 4 years. We waited for the bus and yet finally the bus came. We waited for not even 5 minutes. 

After that, we got into the bus and headed to QB. Finally, we reached. We went to 3rd floor and purchased movie ticket. We gonna watch a Malay horror movie - VILLA NABILA. Anyway, we went to Daiso again. My BFFF same exactly like my HUSBAND. Why? They love Daiso so much. We walked around there and then my babe Shalini didn't buy but she knows what she gonna buy later. After that, we walked into S&M Jewellery and The Black Queen shop. She loves jewelleries and hair accessories and accessories. We had our lunch at Plan B. I ordered EGGS BENEDICT while she ordered EGGS ROYALE. That's what we had our lunch. And then, we walked to Daiso and she bought 4 items from there and I bought 2 items from there. Then, she bought a pair of earrings for her mother from The Black Queen. 

To my Malay friends and bloggers, 
don't watch it because it is not worth it 
But this story makes me want to find the truth whether the VILLA NABILA is haunted house at Janga Bay, Johor Bahru or not XD 

Then, we went up to the cinema. I saw FREE COTTON CANDY and it is from GSC. It was GSC Anniversary Bash. If you purchase 2 pieces of tickets, you manage to get ONE FREE COTTON CANDY. And then, we took pictures of ourselves with the cotton candy. We act like KIDS once a while ya. LOL! Finally, the cinema 4 opens and we went into the cinema. The movie started at 2pm and it finished at 3.30pm. After that, we went to take bus again back to BJ bus station. Finally, we reached BJ station and we walked to Shalini's house. We were so tired. But we haven't take selfies. So, we washed our face and put some makeup and we took some pictures. Thank you to my BABE SHALINI for helping me to take full photo of myself. And then, I asked my hubby to come up her house and they chit-chat until 7.30pm. My hubby fetched me back home. Thank you, laogong! 

Welcome to Plan B, Queensbay Mall

Eggs Benedict - RM 14 

Eggs Royale - RM 16

Selfie of myself with the cotton candy 
Thank you GSC :) 

Babe Shalini also wants to take picture with the cotton candy 
We want to say THANK YOU TO GSC :) 

These are the photos taken by my phone and 
we can pose anything we want :) 
I am so comfortable taking picture with her 

Dress from Shoploooh