Monday, January 26, 2015


Last Friday (23/1/2015), I got invited to an event at NARS, Gurney Plaza. It was my first time that I have attended this event and met the lovely friend and The Butterfly Project Mamasan Tammy, NARS team Tsi Ying and the makeup artists are Alan and Shirley and all the bloggers too. They're Yi Tin, Kelly, Cloey, Kharn Yee, Rachael, Shelyn and Fione. I am really enjoyed the event so much. 

I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Mamasan - Tammy and NARS team - Tsi Ying (The PR in KL), Alan and Shirley (The Makeup Artists in Penang). I seriously very happy that I got chosen to attend event for my first time. I really hope more opportunities to come too. Thank you for gave me a chance to know about NARS and the products. Thank you for gave me a chance to know more friends are Yi Tin, Cloey and Kelly too. 

I went to Gurney Plaza and reached there at 12pm. I was walking around there until 5pm. Incredible right? HAHAHAHA!! Actually, I am seriously very tired after walking for 6 hours at there alone some more. I had my lunch at Winter Warmers alone while playing some games over there. I didn't shopping at all. Finally, it is 5pm!! I went to NARS, Parkson and met Tammy at there. I was so shy as it is my first time attend the event. I met few friends and they're new friends to me are Yi Tin, Kelly and Cloey. I am really glad to meet you all and hope we can be great friends and share our experiences and interests together. 

Peppermint Hot Tea 
Vegetables Spaghetti 

Before we started the event, PR of NARS is Tsi Ying had explained about NARS and everything. Thank you Tsi Ying for explained hardly to us. Thank you so much for gave me a chance to know about NARS and the products as well. After that, what we do at there? All of us have free makeover before heading for dinner. While each of 2 do their makeover, others do what? Taking pictures and lastly ----- SELFIE of course!! LOL!! It is very normal for now. Finally, it is my turn to do my makeover. I am really glad to meet you Shirley and she really did great makeover for me and I really love it so much too!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Once everybody done, we heading to Gurney Paragon for dinner. I was wondering where is the dinner? We walked to Gurney Paragon at 7pm and we had our dinner at BEN'S, Gurney Paragon. 

Before ordering the foods, there is a surprise in front of us on the table. IT IS OUR SPECIAL GIFT from NARS and the team. After that we ordered our own food and drink while chit-chat together about NARS products. We had the great time until 9pm. Once again, 

No words can describe how thankful 
and happy am I 

Jasmin (The Blogger) and Tammy
 (The Mamasan of The Butterfly Project) 
Miss her and miss her calling my name JasJas XD 

Jasmin (The Blogger) and Tsi Ying (PR of Nars in KL) 
She is very pretty right? 

Shirley (The NARS Makeup Artist) and Jasmin (The Blogger) 
Thank you so much Shirley for the makeover 
and I really love it so much Especially my sexy red lips!! :)

**Too bad I doesn't have selfie between me and Alan** 

The Butterflies

Above - Fione and Shelyn 
Below - Cloey and Jasmin 

Above - Kelly and Rachael 
Below - Yi Tin and Kharn Yee

Nice to meet all of you

Thank you so much to you Tsi Ying for treat me and everybody

More pictures and products review, will be update next month 


  1. Nice to meet you too, can't wait to see the review post ^^

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