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Hello babes and dudes, how are your February month going on? I am very excited on tomorrow as I got invited to an event again!! And also I am gonna start working on next Thursday (12/2/2015) already. I really hope everything goes smooth and good between me and the manager, me and the colleagues, me and the customers as well. 

Back to this topic, I am gonna talk about NARS and review about NARS products to you babes and dudes. Who say guys don't make up? Guys can make up also but then depends on the products to cover up your fine lines and dark circles as you guys very concern about it right? LOL! Well, I seriously don't know about makeup products as I was given a chance from The Butterfly Project Mamasan Tammy Miu and the PR of NARS Tsi Ying. I am very thankful to both of them for giving me a chance to know about makeup products and the brand of NARS!

Thank you NARS for the limited edition product
 and those products for me!

The new Velvet Shadow Stick draws unscripted drama with potent matte pigments that define, intensify and shade eyelids in five long-wearing shades. The velvety formula applies easily and smoothly for crease-proof wear and is housed in a sleek propel/repel component in 5 staple shades. 

This is the limited edition product from NARS! 
Love the colours? 
You can make your purchase at Pavilion, KL 
and Parkson, Gurney Plaza 
Hurry up while stock last! :) 

There are 2 types which are 
1. Yeux Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette 
2. Inqubliable Coup D'oeil Eyeshadow Palette

This picture taken from my new lovely friend - Yi Tin 
Check out her blog for more pictures too - CLICK HERE :) 

Yippie!! I got new colors of eyeshadows!! 
Thank you NARS!!

What are they?

A - It is a palette of eyeshadow (limited edition) 

B - It is a blusher (quite shining blusher 
but at least it is nude colour) 

C - It is an eyeshadow. For my opinion, put this C and after that put your another color of your favourite eyeshadow to make your eyes more good :)  

A - Palette of Eyeshadows Velvet Shadow 
Stick Limited Edition 

I am very sorry for the pictures 
because I am dark skin actually :(

B - St-Paul-De-Vence Duo Eyeshadow 
Shimmering eyeshadow  

It was my first time know about this product. 
I can't wait to put it when I am outside for dinner :) 
I hope it makes my eyes more bling bling.

C - Valhalla Single Eyeshadow Soft Shimmering Pink Peach 

It was my first time know about this product too. Seriously, I still don't know what are the difference between both of the products which are look same. I shall go NARS back and ask for more information about it :) 

Porto Venere Eye Paint Soft Pale Pink 

The makeup artist Alan told me that this one can be use as eyeshadow or use it as a base for eyeshadow. It was my first time know about this product too. OMG!! I am very sorry babes and dudes for being so stupid about makeup products!! I still need a lot of knowledge about cosmetics!

Guyane Lip Gloss Seashell Pink  

LOL!!! My lips is so so ugly!!! 

Liguria Lipstick Nude Caramel 

My nude color of my lipstick :) 
Well well, I am still prefer bright lipsticks for myself :) 

Lastly, I would like to say thank you so much to my new lovely friend Tammy (The Butterfly Project Mamasan) and Tsi Ying (PR of NARS) for giving me a chance to know more about beauty and this brand of NARS! No words can describe how thankful am I. For my information, I seriously lack knowledge about cosmetics products. I hope I can know more and more to change myself into a beautiful lady and wife to my hubby. I shall visit NARS for sure as I want to know more more about them and those products awaiting for me too. LOL!! But first of all, I must save money for it because now I am seriously broke. 

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