Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hello babes and dudes, today is another excited day for me as I got invited as media to attend an event at Marks & Spencer which is located at Gurney Plaza. I AM VERY HAPPY!!!! It was my first time attend this type of event. Thank you Derek for your invitation! I really hope more opportunities I can get and know more people too. 

Marks & Spencer is one of the UK's leading retailers. It has short form too. The short form is M&S. M&S sells high quality, great value clothing and home products as well as outstanding quality food. Marks & Spencer was established in 1884 and currently has over 810 UK stores and over 470 international stores across Europe, The Middle East and Asia too. In Malaysia, there are few stores and they're Suria KLCC, Bandar Utama, The Gardens Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall, Komtar JBCC (Johor Bahru) and now it is located at Gurney Plaza, Penang.

I was there at 9.40am and I met Bridges PR & Events Sdn Bhd - Mr. Derek Fong and I wrote my name, blog link, e-mail and contact number into the book. He gave me an UK prints shopping bag, a file and an envelope that contain voucher. Thank you so much! While waiting, I saw few bloggers already. Too bad I am not that tall and I felt that I am not match with them as they're so slim, pretty and tall too. Sigh sigh!! After that, the show begins!!

Arrival of Medias and Guests
Light Refreshment is served

Opening of Emcee, Elaine Daly

Ribbon Cutting and Lion Dance Performance
Photo Opportunity 

Welcome Address by Bruce Findlay, 
Marks & Spencer Regional Director Of Asia

Speech by Paul Rennie, 
British Deputy High Commissioner 

Marks & Spencer Spring Fashion Show 

 Q & A

END , See you again 





After that, everyone can go for shopping!! I was walking alone by myself and then I can tell you that I walked at there for so many times to find my outfit but then I couldn't find it. Anyhow, I doesn't want to waste the voucher given by Derek, so I chose a long sleeve shirt for my hubby. I didn't know about his size as the size is depends on collar size. It is weird right? Anyway, I asked Derek for help about it. Thank you for helping. HAHAHAHA!! After that, I did talked with few bloggers and I met a pretty blogger which is my new friend now - Haruki. WOW!! I am sure you guys sure wondering why her name is Haruki? At the first place, I am quite shocked as her name is this and I asked her to repeat back again. Stupidity of me! Well, she is mix as she told me. Nice to meet you, Haruki. I did talked to her and Cheryl too. I did took pictures with them and another 2 of them. After that, I went out from the shop and went to Chopper Board for lunch. After eating, I walked around Gurney and my legs was so pain and I decided to walk into Winter Warmers and order drink at there. Finally, I ordered Roses at Paris tea. I sat there while playing some games. After that, I went to Charles & Keith and you know what? I bought a purse from there with my own money!!! I seriously love it so much and I am gonna take it to remind myself that I cannot give up in my new job anymore! I gotta work hard on it and buy car for myself with my own income!! After that, my hubby came and find me. He tried the long sleeve shirt and luckily he can wear the size collar I chose for him but too bad the size was super big like giant man only can wear. So, we can exchange it. My hubby tried another long sleeve shirt (tailored fit) which a promoter recommended. And another guy whose named Smith and I guess he is the supervisor, so he recommended size collar 15' for my hubby. Finally, my hubby can wears it. THUMBS UP FOR YOU, SMITH! Thank you so much for your service. 

The Emcee - Elaine Daly
Sigh! Too bad I didn't take picture with her :( 

So handsome both of them! 
Paul & Bruce 

Thank you Derek for the invitation! :) 

Thank you Marks & Spencer for this 
Valentine Day present for my hubby!

Guys, love this? 
You can purchase it at Marks & Spencer, Gurney Plaza 


Haruki and Jasmin 
Nice to meet you again^^
Those who want to hire EMCEE, 
you can contact her through her blog :) 

Jasmin and Cheryl 
Check it out her blog for beauty products XD

Jasmin and Nicole 
Check it out her blog for fantastic outfits :)

MissJasJas is in the Marks & Spencer
Once again, thank you Derek for the invitation! 
I am really happy! 
Once again, thank you Marks & Spencer
 for having me in the event!

Dress : Closetmino 
Shoes : Jelly Bunny 

Sigh!!! I am quite disappointed of my dressing because I dressed into wrong colour of dress. I should wear black dress or UK prints tops/dresses! I seriously love UK very much and one day I must travel to UK with my hubby for sure! THIS IS A MUST FOR MYSELF! :) 

For more information

Marks & Spencer, Gurney Plaza
Address : No 170-G-3A/65, 
Ground Floor, Gurney Plaza, 
Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang
Business Hours : 10am until 10pm daily 

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