Sunday, February 8, 2015


Good afternoon babes and dudes! Have you heard about this brand before? It is Bath & Body Works. It is located at Nu Sentral, Gurney Paragon and Komtar JBCC. If you seriously love fragrance mist, perfume, body lotion and shimmer, you may go and check out by yourself. For me, I more preferably Bath & Body Works than Victoria's Secret. It is cheaper than VS. If you're looking for reasonable and affordable items for your collection, BATH AND BODY WORKS is the one. 

Bath & Body Works items
1. Wild Madagascar Vanilla (limited edition) 
2. Paris Amour Body Lotion 
3. Paris Amour Body Mist 
4. Paris Amour Body Shimmer 

These are the items that my hubby bought for me while we was shopping at Bath & Body Works. He said these gifts are for me to start my brand new of job. Anyhow, I did use few times before I am going out with him or my friends.

From left - Paris Amour Body Lotion, Paris Amour Body Mist, Paris Amour Body Shimmer

Anyway, I just want to share that before spraying body mist on your hands or anywhere you want, please put body lotion first, so that your skin won't get dry easily and more smooth and when you touch your skin, you will feel very nice feeling. That's what the promoter told me. I forgotten her name but she is quite talkative promoter and being so friendly to the customers too. Thumbs up for her! I just know that she is an Indian girl. About the body shimmer, it is suitable for you to go out for dinner with your boyfriend/hubby or any occasions that very grand type. Shimmer like "bling bling" on your body! Of course every girls want to be "bling bling" on that night right? You need to put some lotion on your body parts and then spray the shimmer on everywhere you want to be "bling bling" =D

Here is the body lotion that you need to put. It is small portion that you can put if you want to save your body lotion :) 

After that, you will feel smooth and nice when you touch it. Don't worry. It is non-oily and non-sticky too. I am quite fussy girl if I put something on my skin. So, Bath & Body Works lotion is must try for you if you're that kind of fussy girl like me. 

Wild Magadascar Vanilla

This is body scrub but the scent is Wild Madagascar Vanilla. It is limited edition. That time I want to buy it and it lefts 3 bottles only. So, I am not sure whether it still got stocks. You can go and check out yourself. Anyway, this body scrub is unique! Why I say so? After we shower our body with water, we straight use this as body shower already. It means we no need to use our body wash when we want to scrub our body. That's incredible right? Thank you for the recommendation, my dear friend. 

Exactly the same that you put a little bit and scrub your skin gently and after that, it will leaves your skin more smooth and not dry anymore. Well, I haven't use it because I still have 2 bottles of Mary Kay scrubs to go. I will use it once I move to my new house, new room and new toilet with my daddy. CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!! :) 

PS : I edited the wrong pictures actually! 
LOL! I am lazy to change already, SORRY!

For more information

Lot GF.24 & GF.25, Nu Sentral,
 Jalan Tun Sambathan, 
50470, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Lot G33, Ground Floor, Komtar JBCC, 
Johor Bahru City Centre, 
80000, Johor, Malaysia.

163D - 2 - 24, 24A & 25, 
Level 2, Persiaran Gurney 
10250, Penang, Malaysia.


  1. Nic : yes yes! but I haven't use yet.. hahahaha!! will use it when I move to new house + new room + new toilet <3