Sunday, February 8, 2015


Good morning babes and dudes! It is 1.54am already and yet I still don't want to go and sleep. I just done blogging with the 2 latest posts. Anyway, the topic is a boutique that I won my Christmas present and bought red rose sweater from her too. What is it? It is Nineteen89 Boutique. You may check it out as those apparels are very pretty. 

Nineteen89 Boutique is selling many types of apparels and their items are READY STOCKS! I am sure everyone love READY STOCKS rather than PRE-ORDER STOCKS right? Check it out below! 

JasJas is my name

I got this Chanel transparent sling bag from her 

I got this mesh dress from her too^^
I am selling this away as
 I couldn't wear due to the mesh problem :( 
My skin is sensitive, so I couldn't wear it :( 
Any takers? Please do e-mail me if you want!
I am selling off at RM 30 

This is the rose red sweater 
I bought from her
The quality is good

By the way, her service is good and fast. I am quite pitiful for her as she still replying me so late. I wonder what time she will go to her bed. Anyhow, I wish her good luck and all the best in her business! Take care of yourself, my dear ya :) 

For more information

Nineteen89 Boutique 
Contact Number : 013-8516323 (wechat her) 
E-mail :

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