Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Finally, my primary school friends and I decided to come out today. It is super duper finally as 3 of us walk in our pathway but we keep in touch for finally. They are a Chinese girl and an Indian girl. We both knew each other since Standard 2. It has been 16 years and yet we are still friends! Yesterday we don't know where to go until I found out my friends keep posting 2PM G Hotel, Kelawai Road. I asked them whether they're agreed for it or not. As I am seriously bored of Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon restaurants. I can say that I already tried them for so many times! 

I reached 2PM at 1pm as we chose to meet up at 2pm. Hahahahahaha! Is that coincidence? Well, I reached there earlier, so I made a new friend at there. His name is Mr Thirun. We chit chat each other and he brought me to go around G hotel Spoon and Gravity too. OMG! Those places are wonderful. Especially the desserts at there and Gravity part too. After that, we went down to 2PM already. And finally, Meru reached at 2.30pm as she walked from her home until here. Awesome right?Hahahahaha. After that, we were chit chat a lot of things while waiting for Stephanie. We ordered the high tea set first as Stephanie might be late. Well, she reached at 3pm. 

Both of them started to chit chat while I am on my phone again. I was looking at my MT4 chart. After that, we were eating the desserts and drinking Mint & Fresh tea. The desserts was so delicious! It is recommended to go there as the environment was beautiful and quiet too.  At 4pm, we went out from the 2PM and then I found this wallpaper and it is suitable for us to take pictures. Thank you to Mr Thirun for helped us to take pictures. 

After that, we went to Gurney Paragon for window shopping. And then we tried another dessert at Caffe Bene. Finally, I can get to try as I wanted to try while I was with my hubby but then he doesn't wanna try. Well, this dessert is not suitable for me because one of their layers is red beans. I can't eat beans (any beans) as I am super duper allergy of it. My hands part will start itchy. Sigh! After that, we went back. Stephanie dropped Meru back home already. 

Do you know why named 2PM? It has a meaning one :) 
2, Persiaran Maktab is the answer ^^

This lighting is outside of 2PM  
It is very nice and credits by my lovely friend Meru 

OMG! Can you see the desserts? XD

There are few seating for girls and groups too :) 

We ordered Mint & Fresh tea :) 
There are 6 selection of tea that you can choose 

These are our high tea set we ordered :) 
This whole set with tea are RM 35 

You can see closely to the desserts :) 

Top : Miucious 
Bottom : Topshop 
Bag : Charles & Keith 
Shoes : Jelly Bunny 

Just call me MISSJASJAS or JASJAS :) 

MissJasJas (The Blogger) and Mr Thirun 
Nice to meet you and had great chitchat with you too :)

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  1. May I know the price? Is it worth for a try? BTW are you from Penang?

  2. Wonder Queen : It is RM 35 only! For me, it is worth as the tea and desserts are set! Also, the environment very nice and warm too. yes yes I am from Penang :)