Sunday, July 5, 2015


Have you ever drink prune essence before? I am sure less people drink it as most of the essence that usually people will drink is Bird Nest and etc. I got them from Watsons Brand Rewards Kit. This prune essence seriously makes me impressed of the taste. It was sweet and nice smell too. Try it yourself now! :) 

Watsons Prune Essence is a natural antioxidant drink that will help enhances gut health and promote general well-being which leads to improve skin radiance. Natural occuring Vitamin C enhances collagen production to help maintain skin elasticity. Each bottle only contains 75 kcal. 

Please make sure it is not expired date alright :) 

Total in the box are 6 bottles :) 

Ta-dah!! This is the bottle :) 

a) Water 
b) Prune Juice Concentrate 
c) Oligofructose 
d) Inulin 
e) Vitamin C
d) Citric Acid

**Recommend to consume one bottle per day 
in the evenings after meals**

For more information 

Price : RM 16.74 

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