Monday, July 13, 2015


Last Sunday, I got an invitation from my beautiful friend Laureen Quah. Maybe some of you know her already. She is freelancer emcee. Anyone want to organize any events? You can contact her. She is really such a great emcee ever! Big applause for you babe. Anyway, I brought my hubby along with me. 

We reached Straits Quay at 6.30pm as our house to Straits Quay is very far and yet sure traffic jam. So, we reached there earlier. After that, there are small event is Pawtraits Of Love. They are selling cats and dogs food and few kittens for adoption for free too. This event is about Miss Aifaa Shelter and she has organized a charity concert for us who can donate some money for her and her shelter too. Furthermore, if you really want to donate some money for her, you please contact me by e-mail. 

Those cats and dogs she had saved them too. I am very proud of her and feel so sad for the cats and dogs too. Most of them are wounded too. Why some people want to tortured the animals? They're so cute and yet no harmful at all. 

The charity concert was so awesome. This is my first time I experienced this type of concert. Especially those who sang and dance as well. Woohoooo!! It is also my first time hear babe Laureen's voice when she was at the stage! :) Proud of her too :) 

Miss Aifaa and MissJasJas (The Blogger) 

These are all videos that I love it so so much. There are much more but then I am taking those videos with my iPhone 5c only. Sigh!! I seriously need a camera can take nice photos and videos too. Any camera that can recommend to me? :) 

Once again, thank you so much, babe Laureen for your invitation 
Once again, thank you so much Kak Aifaa for organize this concert with awesome songs. 

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