Thursday, July 16, 2015


This post is about my personal post. Previously, I was in love with Victoria's Secret but then I didn't buy anything from there. After that, my sister bought me Love Spell series (mist + moisturizer) for my previous birthday present. After that, there is a brand named Bath and Body Works coming soon in Gurney Paragon. It seriously catches my eyes more than Victoria's Secret. I guess because of the price anyway. (this is my personal opinion for myself).

Well, I have 3 series of Bath and Body Works. For the first time I had shopping at Bath and Body Works, Gurney Paragon is Paris Amour. Those who knows me well, I love United Kingdom so much. Before I reach 30, I must visit United Kingdom! I love Paris so much too. I love taking photos too especially selfies and wefies! :) 

After that, for the 2nd time I came and visit and I bought limited edition series is A Thousand Wishes. I feel this name is suitable for me as I did wishes a lot of things but then end up didn't come true. But this time I will work hard and make my wishes come true one by one! GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST TO MYSELF, MISSJASJAS!! 

Lastly, I have a series of Dark Kiss. I love this one the most as the smell of the mist and moisturizer are very nice!! You should go and try and smell it too. It is purple color. LOL!!! It might catches my sister's eyes too as she loves purple color so much!! :)

Left > Sweet Pea series (Shimmer) 
Right - Stress Relief/Anti-Stress Body Scrub 

There are a lot of things that I bought them by myself! :) 

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