August 06, 2015

Have you ever think your hair is what type one? It is very important that you must know your hair condition before you shampoo your hair. If you don't know, you must go and check at the hair saloon. Some hair saloons has advanced camera that you can know your scalp happening what. (maybe you think I am kidding). I saw it with my own eyes when I went to a hair saloon in Penang. 

This is another type of shampoo in Esmeria Soothing Organics for those who has dandruff scalp problems. So, there are 2 types of Esmeria Soothing Organics shampoos. 

a) Soothing Shampoo for Sensitive and Irritated Scalp 
b) Soothing Shampoo for Dandruff Scalp 

A combination of a natural anti-dandruff active and potent anti-bacterial Organic Tea Tree Oil relieves itchiness, controls dandruff problems and restores the scalp to a healthy condition. Gulf Stream Sea Water and Shiso Extract further soothe the scalp, while ultra mild plant derived cleansers cleanse hair without irritating the scalp.

Soothing Shampoo for Dandruff Scalp 
Natural anti-dandruff active and Tea Tree Oil blend combats dandruff, Gulf Stream Sea Water and Shiso Extract soothe,
 while ultra mild plant-based cleansers cleanse gently without irritating the scalp

As you can see that this shampoo not very gentle.
 I can feel the shampoo quite harsh too. 
The smell of this shampoo is Tea Tree Oil and 
I don't really like the smell 

Dear Esmeria and the team, I can't use the shampoo for the moment as I just done my scalp treatment at a hair saloon. I also asked my hubby to use it too. He just said that my hair feels rough after using it. He said he is more prefer Soothing Shampoo for Sensitive and Irritated Scalp :) 

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Price : RM 69.90 (250ml) 

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