Sunday, August 30, 2015


When I was walking around Pavilion and I found that there is Tokyo Street. I was looking around with my hubby and I found this biscuit named Rusco. Can I say it is very special biscuit that I have ever eat? Hahahahaha. I ate some flavors from there also, it taste real sweet and I also feel that it is made by fruits too. It can be say as organic fruits. It is very delicious but then the pricey for 2 pieces are quite expensive but then you can purchase more than that. 

RUSCO™, a premium brand under Yataro Group that launched few years ago in Japan. And it has be became very polpular and love by our customers especially the younger generations. The tastiness of RUSCO™ is originated from our unique baking method of baguettes.

I bought are Raspberry and Chocolate flavor :) 

Anyway, you also can order by online if you're not from KL. Delicious and special to me. I missed it already. I will come back to you once I got go to KL. 

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