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Saturday, August 8, 2015


After blogged about Esmeria shampoos and conditioner, here is the shower gel for sensitive and eczema skin too. Those who know me very well, I always got sensitive problems on my face and body as well. For my face, right now I am still using Diane 3 and it has been 8 months already. My face getting fair actually. Whenever I touched my face, I feel so smooth and good too. For my body, right now I am still using Antabax (light blue color) one. Also, I would like to share about this shower gel from Esmeria and it is for sensitive and eczema skin too. 

Those who has sensitive skin like me, you may try this shower gel and it is very good on your body. Those who has eczema skin, you may try this shower gel too as it says for eczema skin. Some people might scare of the product but then you don't have to worry as it is organics shower gel. 

Soothing Shower Gel for Sensitive and Eczema Skin 
Aloe Vera Extract, Calendula Flower Extract and Shiso Leaf Extract soothe, calm and hydrate. Ultra mild plant-based cleansers work gently without irritating the skin 

I love the smell of the shower gel as it is Aloe Vera. 
I can say it is very good shower gel for sensitive and eczema skin

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Price : RM 59.90 (250ml)

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