Friday, September 18, 2015


Finally, I had a lip crayon already. I used to have lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm into my lips collection. Right now, I had another one which is new to me - Lip Crayon. My hubby bought it for my 23rd birthday. Thank you so much, laogong. This lip crayon is from Burt's Bees which my dear blogger friend Elana for introduced to me when we were at Genting Highlands. I love it so much because it seriously moisturize my dry lips and gives me confident too. 

It has 6 colors. I chose is Napa Vineyard because I love red so much. I don't know since when I started to love red color on my lips. Last time I feel not confident because when I apply red color on my lips, I feel that I am not beautiful and sexy enough. After that, I started to love red color already. I don't know who to thanks but I always feel thankful when my blogger friends told me so. Thank you so much, you guys!! I love all of you!! Not forgotten my beloved husband too. He said I looked sexy and beautiful. Hahahahaha! Well, can I have another 5 colors on my lips? LOL! *greedy* I love to collect any types of lips collection - lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip crayon and what else? LOL 

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That pictures are my last photo of my long hair. Sigh! I am very pissed off with my short hair right now! Why nobody know how to cut nice short hair for me? It has been so so many times that I want nice short hair!! Nobody know how to cut. I told my friend (the hairstylist) to cut below my shoulder. My meaning is never ever touch my shoulders. But it touched my shoulders. All the end of my hairs became curl. It is so so ugly! :( 

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