Sunday, September 27, 2015


Finally, I get to try this collagen in jelly type. I won these from my pretty blogger friend's giveaway - Shini Lola. I haven't meet her in KL yet but I hope I will meet her in KL soon. Let's me introduce some information about Nutra Choice and later on about this collagen information. 

As you can see this picture as I had print screen and then edit it too. Don't worry, I print screen from Nutra Choice website because I am sure many people didn't read their company background before consuming it. Hahahaha. For me, I am quite details, that's why I gotta read their company background so that we know a lot of knowledge about it. Once we tried it, and it is suitable for us, I am sure we will recommend to our family and friends who need collagen in their body. 

Collasta Jelly is a revolutionary and innovative beauty food in the form of jelly. It is specially designed for Asians who are high in sun exposure and UV damage. These free radicals are the main cause for pre-mature aging, pigmentation, loss of elasticity and many other skin problems. 

Collasta Jelly Stick made with 
a) Collactive 
b) AstaREAL Astaxanthin 

Beauty Shine from within "MAKE MIRACLES" in 10 days!"

Collasta Jelly's efficacy for skin health 
a) Improves skin elasticity 
b) Prevents loss of moisture
c) Inhibits collagen damaging enzymes
d) Reduces wrinkles 
e) Lightens age spots and dark pigments
f) Protects from UV radiations

8 Miracles Ingredients

i) Collactive
Increase skin moisture
Increase skin firmness
Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

ii) AstaREAL astaxanthin
Internal sun block for UV protection
Decrease age spot and skin pigmentation 
Improvement of oil control

iii) Seaweed (SEa Bird Nest)
Rich in fiber and minerals that are especially good for skin health

iv) Royal Jelly
Increase in moisture content of the skin,
 thus gives smoothness to the skin

v) Pine Bark Extract
It binds to and protect collagen from degradation,
 therefore keep skin tight and smooth

vi) Acerola Extract and Citrus Bioflavonoids
Natural vitamin C and antioxidants to inhibit production of melanin (dark pigments), giving lighter skin tone

Let's we give a kiss to it before eating :) 

So, how do I think about it? At the first place, I ate one bite of it. It taste like orange. The more I ate it, I feel want to vomit actually. But I didn't do so because I know that I need collagen so much in my body. It is giveaway that I won from my blogger friend Shini Lola. Too bad I don't think it is suitable for me because right now I kept burp and got the smell as well too. OMG!! I am so so sad. I am more prefer drinking collagen. This is my own opinion. 

As I said that everyone are different, if you want to try it, you can purchase from their website or e-store too. And one box contain 10 sticks and it is recommend to take 1-2 sticks daily. I took my 1st one stick after meal actually. Later, I will take it before sleep. That's all for this post. 

For more information

Price : RM 61.33 

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