Saturday, September 12, 2015


Who love to shop for bags all the time? Who love to collect bags in their collection? I am one of them because I love bags so much. For seriously! I will keep buying and end up I didn't even use. Right now, I only took my sling bag from Charles & Keith that my hubby bought for me. Left vintage backpack and vintage sling bag. That's all. Others I already gave them to my best friend and sold out. 

How many type of bags? Which one do you like to take it during work time? Last time, I used to take a very big bag so that I can put everything inside my bag such as makeup products, purse, hand phone, tissue paper and etc. Hahahaha! Without bag, I won't go out because I can't stand of not hanging my bag on my shoulder. 

First of all, I love black bags so much. As black can match with all my outfits. I am sure everyone knows that women are hard to be seen without carrying a bag along with them. Women carry a bag with them at anywhere they go whether dinner parties, casual outing or even to work. However, there are career ladies need to carry the right bag appropriate to show off at work. The wrong bag will definitely jeopardize your image and reputation in the working world. You know the people in the world love to judge other people' as well. 

For the ladies who have no idea what type of women bags designs perfect to flaunt in the working environment, please check out these 3 bags for women to show off at work place. 

This is one of my favourite brand bag that I love - Kate Spade 

1. Classic Black 

For the ladies are looking for a versatile bag to carry to work, I recommend this bag but you 
can always shop at Zalora and there are a lot of bags from them. Black will always look good with anything. You can match the classic black handbags with any outfit you have. It also saves your time and will absolutely make you appear sophisticated. 

This is the example that I took it from Charles and Keith website :) 

2. Neutral Nudes

If you're not a fan of black handbags, you can always opt for a feminine touch to your formal wears by matching it with neutral nude bags instead. Neutral colors are brown, beige and pastels will be suitable to carry to the office. It definitely helps you portray a soft feminine yet elegant side of you. Besides that, it can enhance your work attires into 
a more refine look. 

This is one of the bags that I found at 
Can I say I love it so much? :) 

3. Satchel Brief Bag 

Women who have the habit of stuffing everything into a bag will definitely love to carry 
a satchel briefcase design bag to work. The reason is satchel briefcase bags have a lot 
of space for you to fit important documents and files with ease. If you're a busy lady who hasto rush in and out of the office to meet clients or go to meetings, the satchel briefcase bag will be the right choice. 

For more bags, please check out Zalora bags at here ------ > LINK 

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