Saturday, January 23, 2016


Well, I am writing this on 24/1/2015 and I missed the moment and memories between me and my leader+brother Jason, my partner+sister Isabel and my partner+brother Chong Tatt at this party. Well, I got this invitation from Social Grooves and thank you for the one pair of VIP tickets! I brought my hubby along with me but then he did brought his friend along. Thank you to my dear sister Isabel for the extra ticket. Last night, I seriously like a party queen from 8pm until 1am. 

Thank you so much for these VIP tickets for me 
You know who are you 

Selfie first before going in 

Jason and MissJasJas
A leader+partner+brother+friend

MissJasJas and Isabel 
A partner+sister+friend 

Leng Yein and Leng Sean In Da House (gonna start soon) 

Woohoo!! Too bad I can't selfie with them :( 

Woohoo!! I love Redfoo so much!! 
We wait for Redfoo to come out at 12am !! 

Selfie with my stick light (RM 10 some more) 

My beautiful friend Cheryl WenNee and MissJasJas 
Thank you to her boyfriend for the picture


One of the famous bloggers Christina Kuan and MissJasJas 
*my smiling like so so fake and excited* LOL 

My beautiful friend Kelly Chin from KL and MissJasJas
Nice to see you, babe for finally!! 

I can't wait for the next M Music Festival again! This time I hope I can enjoy the night with my 6 important person to me. Woohoo!! 

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