Friday, January 29, 2016


I got the limited edition Innisfree Perfumed Hand Cream Gift set from Althea Korea. I am so so glad that I bought it because now it is out of stocks! I just love to collect hand creams if you have notice about me. Hahahaha. Lipsticks and hand creams are the beauty products collection that I collected. How about you? Share with me by leaving me a comment, thank you. 

After applying on my skin, the smell is like snowy tree.
 I mean when you go and smell plants. 
The smell doesn't feel special. Not really like the smell either. 

After applying on my skin, the smell is like orange scent 
but then not so strong. 
The scent didn't attract me but then I love the packaging tub. 

After applying on my skin, at the first place in my mind,
 I hate Warm Wood so much. 
Unfortunately, I judge it wrongly and I love it so much.
 I love the scent so much. I am more prefer this scent among all these 3 Innisfree Perfumed Hand Cream Collection. 

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