Monday, January 25, 2016


Sorabee Balancing Vital Cream 
Marine Collagen

It is medium box and the container of the vital cream is silver + blue color 

Sorabee Balancing Vital Cream is a daily deep hydro cream for all skin types. It is enriched with moisture-retaining collagen and Beta-glucan to hydrate and smooth skin. 

Ceramide 3, Snail Extract, Cholesterol and Lecithin helps to make skin moisture barrier, supple and firming the skin.

These are how you open the container 
and it is very good packaging as well 
It is works as moisturizer 

This is how I applied on my hand 

After applying on my hand, I touched my hand and I feel very smooth. I will use it on my face soon. This Sorabee Balancing Vital Cream is for who 

1) Ladies who want to be elastic & beautiful skin
2) Ladies who want to protect skin from
 UV, environmental pollutions and harmful factors, etc.
3) Ladies who have rough, dark, exhausted and stressed skin
4) Ladies who want to change very dry skin to moisture skin

For more information

Check out Sorabee's stores at:
Da:Men USJ: G-K2 & K3, Ground Floor
Main Place USJ21: Lot 1FK-02A, 1st Floor
The Mines: TM-L3-TK4, Level 3
Quill City Mall: Unit 2-42, 2nd Floor
Taiping Mall: Lot 1K-11 & 1K-13, 1st Floor
Sunway Carnival Mall: Unit F-K6, 1st Floor
Gurney Plaza: Lot 170-05-07, Level 5 

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