Friday, September 9, 2016


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At O'slee, we believe "NATURE" is the principle behind every of our skincare product and so every woman can experience the natural skincare benefits. Applying the latest technology, O'slee can further enhance the efficacy and stability of her skincare products. Combining with this concept of Advanced Technology and Nature, O'slee is devoted to let every women manifest her smart, natural beauty.

Origin: Chile, Natural Skincare Ingredient
With the sunshine and quality soil at Chili mountain, the planted Rosehip are rich in skincare nutrients. O'slee skincare products are made with the Pure Rosehip extract, applying the Latest Technology, having high affinity to skin and highly effective.

Medical Documentation, The Power of Rosehip
Chilean has used rosehip for skincare purpose over few centuries, and even nowadays; it's skincare benefits are well known globally. Rosehip is highly recommended by Many Dermatologists and Professional. The test done by the Chemistry & Pharmacist Department of Concepion University in Chile, showed Rosehip is effective to reduce wrinkles and tackles aging skin problems.

Other skincare Benefits include:

Repair Skin, Restore the Healthy Skin Structure
Stimulate the skin Self-Rejuvenation and Skin becoming Smooth and Glow
Activate the Production of Collagen, leaving Skin Firm and Reducing Wrinkles
Moisturize the Deeper Layer of Skin and Reducing Pore Size
Restrain the Damage of Free-Radicals to Skin, Delaying Anti-Aging process
Lightened Pigmentation, with Whitening Effect

These are the products that I got from O'slee and the team 
1. Pomegranate Milky Mask 
2. Roseship Ruby Peeling Gel 
3. Honey Sugar Mask 

**Reviews about these products will be coming soon** 

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