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Here is my 1st sponsored items from Amez and the team for August month. They're Amez Pantyliner (pink packaging), Amez Daytime Pads (blue packaging) and Amez Overnight Pads (purple packaging). Thank you so much for sponsored them to me. 

There are total 4 different types of pads. I got them are Amez Pantyliners, Amez Daytime Pads (Wings), Amez Overnight Pads (Wings). Another one is Amez Care Travel Package – which includes 3-day time pads, 3 overnight pads, and 4 pantyliners. 


All the information above these pictures are true! Please beware of them. Previously, I was diagnosed that I got endometriosis and then I went to see doctor. I did ate 2 months medication. Now, I am okay back but then of course I need to take care of it. It will be serious if you don't take care of it properly. 



The Amez Care Pantyliner Bio Herbal Sanitary Pantyliner is the one pantyliner that offers optimal protection. These specially-designed products include a specially-blended herbal essence that allows you to stay fresh and clean whether you are having a light period day or are simply seeking a way to stay dry and fresh from normal vaginal discharge throughout the month. These amazing multiple-layered pads are thin, offer the highest level of absorbency of any pantyliner, and are designed to be worn daily with no detrimental effects!

These are the things are behind on the packaging 

Remember to see the expiry date before you using them


1. Aloe Vera
This is a powerful antiseptic that will sooth the skin and
 clean the sensitive regions of the female body.
2. Peppermint
This combats infections and bacteria. 
In addition to this, it effectively eliminates pain and helps eliminate
 troublesome menstrual symptoms.
3. Tea Plant Extract 
This substance aids in blood circulation and reduces the chance of the development 
of blood clots.
4. Chamomile Oil
This herbal remedy fights infections, combats mental oppression, and reduces inflammation.
5. Lavender
This aids in the elimination of nervous tension, reduces pain, disinfects the skin,
 and soothes anxiety and depression.

After opening the packaging, I smell Chamomile 
and I can say that I love it :) 


The Amez Care Day Bio Herbal Sanitary Pad Napkins are designed for quick absorbency and comfort during the day time hours. This product exemplifies the newest and most extensive breakthrough technology in day sanitary napkins for women. One of the main features is the Green Compound Strip. This is uniquely bonded with Nano silver ions and ions with far-infrared rays. The products have a high level of bio-technology. Not only are the day sanitary napkins saturated with high levels of herbal essence, but they also include magnetite. This aids in the effective inhibition of bacterial growth in the most sensitive regions of your body, aids in cleansing the area, and promotes freshness.

These are the things are behind on the packaging 

Remember to see the expiry date before you using them

It is daytime pad and it is with wings one 


Amez Care knows and understands that it is rather difficult to rest easy, experience comfort, and obtain a good night’s sleep when you are menstruating. We know that it is not just the cramping, the bloating, and other symptoms that you experience with your menstrual cycle that are keeping you from being completely comfortable. This is why Amez Care now offers Bio Herbal Sanitary Pad Napkins designed specifically for night time!

Our Night Sanitary Napkins for Women include several layers and multiple anti-leak channels. These work together in order to block leaks on the sides, the front, and the back of the napkins. It does not matter how much you toss and turn, you will find that our products offer the maximum level of leak protection. When you combine our multi-level leak protection with a high level of absorbency, the immense softness of the breathable cotton that we use, and the specially-designed and combined herbal essence, you will find that you not only experience the highest level of comfort, but that you have a greater level of confidence as you toss, turn, and move about comfortably on your bed each night!

 These are the things are behind on the packaging 

Remember to see the expiry date before you using them

It is overnight pad and that's why it is long type. 
Also, it is with wings too. 


Overall, I wore the Amez pantyliners for several days from morning until night only I change new pantyliner. I am a person who always keep going to the toilet for small business. I can tell you that I have tried a lot of brands of pantyliners but none of them are suit for me. Once I wore it and I kept going to the toilet, my private part getting itchy and it comes out red spots as well. I seriously don't know what happened. After I change to Kotex pads, it become normal back. It means no more itchy. I know it is kinda waste but then what to do? If I don't wear pads everyday. I am sure every girls private part will come out the "white sticky thing" one. For my personal problem, it always come out and if I didn't wear pad. it will fall to my panty. That time my private part starts to get itchy again. That's why I changed my habit for wearing pads everyday no matter no period at all. Well, I can say thumbs up for this Amez pantyliner! I can save my money already! :) 

On 6th September 2016, my period came and I did wear the Amez Overnight Pad during night time. Once I woke up and I changed to Amez Daytime Pad. Both of these pads are with wings one. Well, I don't like wings pads and I don't use it one. This is because these pads are sponsored, so I tried them with me. I wear them and it doesn't happen anything around my private part. I seriously wanna recommend these 3 items to all my female friends especially those who couldn't find suitable pantyliner. 

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