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If you're born 80s and 90s, the so-called Golden Era of Hong Kong cinema gave us many things. One of it is four Heavenly Kings or the four biggest male superstars are Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai symbolised a special chapter in the history of the Hong Kong entertainment industry and deservedly are still held in awe to this day. 

Enter Wah D, Ken, Andy Wah and Leon Li - entertainers who have won acclaim for their work in impersonating the four Heavenly Kings. Again, merely labelling them as impersonators may not exactly do justice to the four young men as they are talented entertainers in their own right. Not that the four friends care, they are simply happy to helps fans of the Heavenly Kings relive the heady days of old when Andy, Jacky, Aaron and Leon reigned supreme. 

Impersonator of Leon Lai 

Impersonator of Aaron Kwok

Impersonator of Andy Lau

Impersonator of Jacky Cheung
 *credits to Sherry*

 [ Award-winning Impersonator Group ]

This show is a must-see not for fans of the Heavenly Kings but because it has earned recognition as a famous tribute show dedicated to the four superstars. It is the 1st award-winning impersonator group on record, having won awards at the MCOMEI 2014 Fashion Festival and other competitions featuring impersonators. Beyond Hong Kong and Macau, the group has performed at Harrah's Reno in the US, and will in September perform in Canada. 

Fans can easily make-believe it's the real Heavenly Kings up there on stage when Wah D, Ken, Andy Wah and Leon Li perform. All four will be dressed in pilot uniforms for this show - exactly like the real Heavenly Kings. They will not only sing and dance like the real actors but will also copy their mannerisms. 

They're wearing pilot uniforms

The good news is the four lookalike impersonators are soon to perform live at Resorts World Genting. Their tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings promises to take you on a nostalgic trip to a bygone era when the four heavyweight superstars dominated the Hong Kong entertainment scene. It is not likely that the four superstars will ever perform together again, but Resorts World Genting sees no reason why their classic songs cannot be performed on stage like the way they used to be hence the concert featuring the four lookalikes. 

Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings will be held at Genting International Showroom from 20th August to 9th September 2016 (except 23rd August, 30th August and 6th September). 9pm. 

Tickets for VIP seats : RM 129 
Tickets for PS1 seats : RM 99 
Genting Rewards Card members are entitled for 10& discount

Thank you Ashley for helping me to take picture

For more information 

Contact Number : 03-27181118 

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