Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Have you heard about Milky Way? It is newly fruit juice drink owed by two business partners. I get to know this name from my friend's Instagram Wend. So, I told my baby hubby that I wanted to go and try it. He brought me there and I bought their Milky Way brand of the drink itself. I decided to give my name card and at the end, the boss called me and asked me that can I write Milky Way into my blog? Of course I said can. He also decided to sponsor me 6 flavors for me and my friends. I brought my friends are Jessica and Mr G. 

These are their name of the drinks 
The Milky Way, Uranus, The Earth, Mars, Venus and Jupiter 
It is RM 5 / cup 

Isn't that galaxy? I love galaxy so much! :) 

This is called Milky Way! 

From left : Uranus, The Earth, Mars, Venus and Jupiter

This is Jessica. I brought her along with me. Too bad I couldn't post Mr G photo due to some problems. Anyhow, I am very appreciate both of them who accompanied me at the stall with hot weather and drink all the 6 flavors with me. Hahahaha. I know it is crazy!! 

Among all the flavors, I love Milky Way so much. For Jessica's feedback, she loves The Earth and Jupiter. For Mr G's feedback, he loves Milky Way also. His taste same as me! Well, come and check it out yourself and your loved ones. Different person different taste. Sometimes might be same too. 

For more information 

Address : 167, Victoria Street, 10300 Penang
Business Hours : 11am - 7.30pm 

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