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Hello! I am back with my Resorts World Genting Travel Review. Thank you so much to these 2 pretty Public Relations girls named Irene and Ashley who sent me an email and invited me to these activities are Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain 2016Snow World (European Facades & 3D trick arts)Dinner & Testing RWG Mooncake @ Coffee Terrace, Genting Grand and  Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings Show. But then it is too bad that Snow World cancelled as the time is not enough. Anyhow, I am still very thankful as RWG and PR team know that my birthday is coming soon. Thank you so much all the arrangement especially Ms. Ashley. 

We started journey from Penang to Wisma Genting, KL on Saturday (20/8/2016) by car. We started journey at 12am and we did stop several times for nap. Then, we arrived Wisma Genting at 6am. Ms Ashley arrange the parking lot for us already. We parked inside Wisma Genting. Finally, the van also arrived too. We no need to wait at all. Excellent arrangement. Inside the van, we met new friends named Amir and Ah Boy. Nice to meet you guys!! 

We arrived the event named Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain nearby Genting Skyway. My hubby and our friends changed their clothes. I didn't change because I am not running as I don't have sport shoes. Huhu. My hubby is one of the runner. You're such great runner within 3 hours for 10km with 15 obstacles! 

This is the 2nd year running that Resorts World Genting is involved with the Genting King of the Mountain event along with Viper Challenge, but this time, apart from the obstacle course, the focus also very much on music and foods!!! Photos and videos time!!

The Start Line 
Session by session from 7am until 9pm

As you can watch this video, 
everyone getting ready to run and finish the run 

I still remember that they need to run from the START LINE and then they have to go down from here (above picture) and they need to cross 1-2 obstacles there. 

This obstacle you need to swing like a MONKEY!!

This obstacle you need to climb up and climb down back 

This obstacle is same as the previously photo
 but then this one more harder as I could see

These obstacles you need to walk into the water and 
yet it is cold as my hubby said

This obstacle you need to climb up and cross over on the top 
and climb down back

This obstacle you need to cross over the wall, 
this type of obstacle you need a team!!

This obstacle you need to bend down your body and cross it 

This obstacle is the most hardest obstacle that I saw. 
You need to climb up and climb down back 

How to climb this obstacle? 
Once again, you really need a team to climb you to climb over

Finally, you're done all the obstacles and you need to run to the finish line to take your shirt and medal as well 


Overall, I really love this event so much as there are many obstacles + running as well. This event seriously build your phsically and mentally as the route is interspersed with 15 challenging manmade obstacles. Too bad I couldn't run with my hubby. So he ran alone and I am sure he met few friends who helped him on the obstacles. I hope I can join next year!! Enjoy watching the videos. 

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