Sunday, September 11, 2016


Anyone love to enjoy their life? I am sure everyone love enjoying life but I also know that some people don't know how to enjoy their life too. Have you ever come Straits City before? If yes, please share your comment on below. If no, you may go and have a look. Remember to bring your family or friends with you. It would be more fun. 

There are 3 parts of the relaxation concept 
1. Heritage Spa 
2. Straits Cafe
3. Straits Beauty 

Jacuzzi Spa Pools
Heritage Spa houses the two largest jacuzzi spa pools in Penang, spacious shower rooms and sauna/steam rooms. Both the 1000 sqft men's pool and 550 sqft women's pool are equipped with high speed, massage jets and an array of other water features. There are relaxation lounge, foot,head and shoulder massage, gym and games room. 

Straits Cafe 
It is a stylish and contemporary design, our cafe offers a spread a local, Western and Japanese cuisines complete with a delectable selection of desserts and ice creams. Using the Japanese cooking style of low heat with fresh ingredients, our food is good for both your palate and health. We also have a unique selection of local and Japanese beverages. Their signature food and dessert are specially brewed coffee, Hokkaido Ice Cream Honey Toast and Wagyu Beef Steak. 

Straits Beauty
It is a place that you can enjoy your skin analysis, wellness analysis, body massage and pedicure/manicure. It helps eliminate dehydration, redness, dark circles and uneven dull skin tones with our personalized intensive-facial treatments. From anti-ageing to hydranourishing face treatments, our therapists will select products to suit your skin's individual needs. 

This is the female changing room 

This is the spa that they called 

I am alone enjoying the whole place

For more information

Address : 53-01 & 02, Menara MBF, 
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours : 24 hours 

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