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Dog Dog is the name that I given my beloved pet which is my dog since I was 18 years old (2010) which I were dating with my husband (that time he was my boyfriend) for a year already. It ran from nowhere and came to my husband's mom house which is at Taman Pekaka area. I still remembered that it came at 11pm and that time my husband wanted to send me back home at Bukit Gambir which I was staying last time. Then, I told my husband that if dog who come to the house, we must adopt of it already which I really believe what my mum told me that if the dog come to the house, it will brings good luck to us. It was so sad that we couldn't adopt that time because of his mother whose doesn't like animals at all.

This is Dog Dog who came to my husband's mom house on the year of 2010

From 2009 - 2015, it became stray dog but it always be around Taman Pekaka area (terrace houses area) only. From these years, my husband and I keep giving it dogs' biscuits which we purposely bought from outside and give it eat the foods. I still remember that every Saturdays and Sundays, my husband will fetch me by motor and it will run from behind and follow us. It was so smart dog! We didn't expect that there is this type of dog which it is so smart. 

We bought the collar for it when it was stray dog time 

One day, I was alone at my husband's mom house and it was outside of the house gate and I opened the gate and let it in and saw it was injured. It came during evening time and I told my husband about it and we decided to take it to vet for healing and medication on next day. He said okay for it. After that, I need to go out and buy my own dinner nearby the coffee shop and when I come back, Dog Dog not around at home and it was my husband's mom again. She asked Dog Dog to get out from house because of the wound full of maggots. She said that it is very dirty and she don't allow Dog Dog to come in. My husband and I was so panicked as we was wanted to help Dog Dog very much. We decided to ride motor and find it everywhere at Taman Pekaka area. We find it for several days and it didn't appear until one day, it really appear in front of house gate again during night time and I let it come in. I told it that sayang sayang oh. Tomorrow we go and see vet okay? He listens and understand what I told it. The next day, we really brought it to Peng Aun Vet nearby Taman Pekaka area only as I met up with 2 good friends who helped us by borrowing 4 Wheels Drive car so that can take Dog Dog to vet. Once again, I really would love to say thank you very much to you Mr. Daniel and your friend as well. 

1st picture ; it was small injury when it came to me 
2nd picture ; it was big injury after my husband's mom asked it to get out

I was so pity it when it was in pain :( 

3rd picture ; the wound which we spray the medication to it 
4th picture ; the wound getting smaller than the 3rd picture 
5th picture ; the wound getting more smaller than the 4th picture 

6th picture ; it getting better and better :) 
7th picture ; You can see the wound already good :) 

So, from half year of 2015, my husband told his mom that we want to adopt it as it was injured last time and we insist to adopt it. Then, his mom cannot object anymore. It was so happy after getting a home which have 2 owners who love it very much which are me and my husband. 

From 2015 - 2016, we take turns to bathe it every Saturdays as we will bathe it once per week. Everyday, we will give 3 meals for it as we as human also eat 3 meals per day too. Then, usually I will bring it go out for walk, urinate and poo poo as well. If I got stay at my husband's mom, I will always wish it "good morning Dog Dog", I will accompany it at outside for several minutes, I will go play with it when my television drama finished. It also knows that when the time is 5pm, it will barks and asked me to give it foods and bring it go out already. It was so smart until I love love it very much. It was my best companion. Sometimes, I will tell it about what my husband's mom done to me, my husband and I argue and my husband's family done to me. I know it cannot answer me but it will shows this face to me. I know it always accompany me no matter what happened. 

It likes to lie down on the staircase near to the door actually :) 

I was wanted to selfie with it but it doesn't works.
 It was Dog Dog's selfie before it fallen sick only. It was a day before :( 

On the year of 2017, it fallen sick and it was evening time again. We were so panicked because it was attacked by seizures several time that time (January 2017). That time, my husband's sister in law just told us that there is 24 hours Animal Hospital which is located at Tanjung Tokong. So, I find the name on google and then I found already. It is Animal Windsor Hospital. Then, my husband, my FIL and me brought it to the car and my husband drove to Tanjung Tokong. It was okay that time and then it starts attacked by seizure again. The vet told us that we need to get ready as it might passed away. I was very sad after hear this thing from the vet. Then, the vet lets Dog Dog admitted into hospital. That time, Dog Dog was admitted into hospital and everyday, I took Uber/Grab from Macallum Street to Animal Windsor Hospital to visit it and talk with it. There's one day, Stephanie (my BFF) came and fetched me and we went to Animal Windsor Hospital and visited Dog Dog. I talked with it and I try to give it foods and I told it that you must eat, Dog Dog. Then, it listens to me and it starts eating again. After it starts eating properly, the vet told us that Dog Dog can discharged already. Finally, it is back home with the medication. Dog Dog was strong enough after eating the medication and the seizures no more already. 

Dog Dog's look when admitted into hospital on 2nd day time 

Dog Dog was sleeping when I went and visited it after it taking medication

Finally, Dog Dog starts to have appetite and can eat already 

Finally, the thing took out from Dog Dog's hand already and the vet told us that Dog Dog can discharge already :) 

I am so happy that Dog Dog can discharge from hospital :) 

From January 2017 - July 2018, we created more memories with Dog Dog which Dog Dog had given us a big smile and laugh. We really don't know where it learnt from where which if we take the foods, it starts jump happily and if we didn't want to give it, it starts barks once only. Then, we feel awww and then we give it eat. Once it done eat, it will keep quiet already. Usually, it doesn't barks when my friends come unless you're Malay or Indian only. I have my BFF named Shalini who came before and it doesn't barks her at all. So, I can found out that it knows who is good and who is bad to the owner. If it barks, there are cats outside. Also, it barks if it sees dogs outside because of jealousy haha. Then, whenever it want to go out for walk, I will sit down on the 3rd row of staircase and I will say "lai, I chain for you and we go out ya". It will stand still and let me chain it and then we go out for walk. Usually, I will bring it go out for walk walk and it listens to me when I say "come we go home already". 

Dog Dog's look when it wants me to bring it go out for walk 

Dog Dog's look after taking bath and asking me to give foods cause 
he guai guai take bath by me haha 

I was sitting beside it and take pictures of it 
I found out that it has a lot of patterns when I asked it for pictures hehe 

My husband bought the big plastic bowl and big pale for Dog Dog 
This is how it drinks water and it scares of water too 

My husband's mom out of sudden wanted to buy stand fan for Dog Dog 
I really don't know what is her motive for Dog Dog 
Anyway, Dog Dog really enjoys the fan very much hehe 

Dog Dog's happy face for picture :) 

It likes to take out his tongue and put on the left or right one hahaha

I think this picture was candid shot by my husband 
You can see the turquoise color right? It was my top and I was sitting there 
I think I told Dog Dog to sit first and I make breakfast for it :) 

This is the picture of Dog Dog during CNY 2018 

It lie down also a lot of patterns too hehe 

This is the picture of Dog Dog which I sayang it when I come back from Terengganu as you can see my wounds on my hand 

Dog Dog's face after getting new bed for it :) 
We thought it can fit in and the owner who selling this bed also say can fit 
End of day, it doesn't fit but it still likes it very much hehe 

It seems love the bed very much hehe 

It doesn't care whether it is fit or not, it will try to fit in :) 

Another picture of Dog Dog and it looks at the camera too 

I bought the bone for it to chew 

Dog Dog's look when my husband or I call it "Dog Dog" and then it sleep back again. Haha. It was so so cute pattern from it again 

I told it that Dog Dog, come take picture and then it sees at the camera 
This place that it sleeps was favourite! 

To me and my husband,  Dog Dog is very smart and special dog which we didn't train it at all. We wanted to adopt it very much because I always remembered that we must take care of it when it run come and find us when it was puppy time. So, from 2010 to 2018, we didn't train it at all. Dog Dog was very easy to take care which we will wish it Dog Dog "good morning and goodnight" when we was at Taman Pekaka before we move out to our own home. When I asked hand-hand, it will gives hand to me. Also, it will never urinate and poo poo in the house compound. It doesn't barks at all whenever anyone pass by, my friends who come to the house before unless it saw dogs outside because it gets jealous and it sure barks when it sees cats. It will shake tail non stop when I called out Dog Dog. It will jump like so high when I was holding the dog biscuits. It will eats and drink water before going out. When it come back from outside, it will drink water again and lie down on the floor already. I can feel that it is like a human to me. It also knows that my husband's mom doesn't like me at all and she did asked it to get out from the house before. When she felt that Dog Dog very smelly and cannot wait for my husband/me to bathe it, she wanted to bathe it and it bites her before. Hahaha. That's why I said Dog Dog is very smart and special dog. 

When we was at our home, every Sundays we will go back home and when we arrived, it will stand and wait for us to greet each other and I will call the name Dog Dog. It will greet me by smelling at my legs or buttocks. Anything that it likes. Then, my husband will blow wind to the face and it will starts wanna lick my husband's face. Haha. Then, after lunch with in laws, I will accompany it at outside for a while and talk with it. Then, I will watch my HK drama and then sometimes I will go out and talk with it again. When the time comes, I will give Dog Dog eat and go out walk walk and during bathing, my husband and I will take turns to bathe it every Sundays. Once again, it fallen sick on the month of July 2018 and we brought it to vet for 3-4 times and the results come out was normal and after 3rd time which my husband's mom brought it to Peng Aun vet and the vet just told that Dog Dog has heart problem. The 1st time the vet didn't say anything at all. 

On 14th July 2018, it has passed away on the favourite place. It knows that my husband's mom went for travel, we don't come back to house on Saturdays, my husband's brother and sister in law didn't come back to house and my husband's dad went out for a while for coffee only. My husband's dad come back home after few minutes and saw it sleep on his favourite place without heart beating already. Then, my husband's dad called us to come back home and we faster go back home without eating breakfast at all. **Stories from my husband's dad** As I know, dogs or cats usually know that they want to go, they doesn't let their owners to see it go. **sobs sobs** 

I love you very much, Dog Dog 
Daddy and I love you very much, Dog Dog 
I miss you very much, Dog Dog 
Daddy and I miss you very much, Dog Dog 
Thank you for bringing happiness and joy to me and Daddy

Rest In Peace, Dog Dog 
19.8.2010 - 14.7.2018 
I was 18 years old (2010) & I am 26 years old (2018)

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