Friday, July 13, 2018


Are you a forgetful person like me? Recently, my husband and I had small argument yet it was so funny after we found out the real fact. That time, we reached our carpark and then he asked me to take out his house key but I told him that I already passed the key. Then, we was very panic and started to find the house key and we some more went out to a coffee shop that we had our breakfast too. I went down and asked the boss of the coffee shop "have you seen any keys?". She said these are several keys we found but the keys that she found are not our house key. Then, at the end we went back home using my own keys. Each of us has our own keys one actually. So at the end, his keys at home and the keys that I taken are mine. I know it is so complicated and headache right? Hahaha. Anyway, now I found this cool bluetooth tracker from TAG La

Thank you TAG La for sending these bluetooth trackers 
to me and my husband

These are the steps for you : 
Step 1 : Turn ON your Bluetooth
Step 2 : Download TAG La application 
Step 3 : Open the app and pair it 
Step 4 : You're now ready to go! 
They're available in 6 colors are : 
Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White 

You think which color is mine? :) 

More close up photo of our TAG La 

Download the TAG La application in your phone 

You need to CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT for yourself 

After creating an account, you will come to this page :) 
So you need to key in your email and password that you created 
And then, you click SIGN IN

Choose which one you want to put your TAG La with :) 

To turn on your TAG La, you press the “button” on your TAG La for 3 seconds until you hear the beep sound. Once your TAG La is turned on, it will automatically connect to the app.

Just press FIND ME and then you will hear
 a loud sound to find your lost item

That's all. It is simple! :) 

This sound is so loud! 

For more information
Price : RM 69.90 each 
Purchase 3 colors TAG La are RM 149.90 
If you're looking for corporate gift, you may contact them at (HERE

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