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Dear my beloved readers 💕. Finally, I had found my blender and it has become my favourite as it is so elegant and pretty blender. The main brand concept of CHANCOO®️ Malaysia has always been greatest home appliances and make the whole furnishing home looks pretty. It designed to promotes high-value and high-quality home appliances. 

The design of this ultra-high aesthetics juicer, the extremely retro and luxurious outline is a must-have exquisite small appliance in the kitchen, and the color scheme of the juicer is also very advanced, whether it is Marilyn Mogreen or Elizabeth White or Audrey Hepink, it is difficult to choose. A set of Chancoo juicer is matched with two cups, a long sports cup and a mason glass jar, so everyone can enjoy it at home or take it out.

It has a super-powered motor of 300W. It only takes 3 easy steps to operate. You can drink a glass of smooth and smooth juice or smoothie in 10 seconds of fresh squeezing. It has a speed of 22,000 revolutions per minute. The 4-leaf three-dimensional stainless steel knife can Help to beat all the ingredients finely without dead ends.

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Selfie with my Chancoo Malaysia Blender 

Exquisite life has become a lifestyle pursued by modern people. In addition to meeting the functional requirements, home appliances must have high-value, cost-effective and beautiful views.

Exquisite home appliances will add a bit of beauty and comfort to life, and can instantly improve the happiness of home life. Some are not expensive, but high-value and cost-effective practical small home appliances will definitely make your life more poetic.

Recently, the trend of health preservation has blown, and many people have begun to pay attention to the influence of diet and health care, and the portable juice machine has become a must for home appliances. All the fruits and vegetables are added to a blender, which is easy to operate, and can also be taken out to work. You can enjoy natural pure juice blender at home every day. 

I am so happy with my unboxing video as this blender came during my birthday month. Thank you very much, Chancoo Team. 

As you can see from this video, this is my 1st recipe for reviewing the blender. Here are the portion for 5 people. 

I am giving 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 because 
1) The blender was so elegant looking 
2) Love it very much because the power of speed cutting was very high (22,000 revolutions). 
3) It has 300W pure copper motor and you can prepare your healthy breakfast or supper in 10 seconds 
4) It has 3 in 1 portable juice maker as it can drink by a glass or eat on the bowl, drink from the cup with straw and drink from the water bottle 
5) Super recommended if you love healthy lifestyle like me! 

For more information 
Price : RM 399.00

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