Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Annyeonghasibnikka!! It was my first time typing Korean into my blog as this post is all about Korean products. I am very sorry for late reply to blog about my October 2015 haul from Althea Korea as I was busy and terribly sick until now haven't recover. Thank you everybody who concern about me through Facebook and Whatsapp. I even get a call from my best friend and sister to me is Pinku No Sakura - JiaJia. Thank you so much sis!  

Well, I did blogged about Althea Korea before. I don't know whether you have read before or not. Maybe you forgotten about it. I joined this Althea Korea blogging challenge and I did became one of the 50 bloggers won the RM 20 credit actually. What I love from Althea Korea are free shipping from Korea above RM 150 and the items that we purchased comes with pinky box wrapped with bubbles plastic bag and our items also wrapped with bubbles plastic bag too. Everything are comes in good condition. Thumbs up for them!

Thank you for chosen me, Althea Korea 

Furthermore, I would like to remind you, my beloved readers about their shipping tracking number. This is the screenshot that I made so that it is also can remind me too. They use these courier services are Skynet, Gdex or Ta-Q-Bin to post our items for us. As you can see the TO SKYNET (That's your tracking number that you can check on the website). 

A reminder for me and everyone who order their items from Althea Korea 

Their packaging comes with pinky plastic bag with their logo sticker :) 

As I said, it comes with bubbles wrapping plastic bag
 and it comes with good condition too 

Love their packaging box and that one is the receipt 

Good condition pinky box from Althea Korea. Thumbs up for them!! 

TA-DAH!! All the products are wrapped with bubbles wrapping plastic bag

Thank you Althea Korea for the services :) 

TA-DAH!! These are my items that I bought from Althea Korea

I love all the items that I bought from Althea Korea 
Can't wait to try them all and there are 2 items are for my beloved hubby :) 

If you feel want to purchase the products inside the picture
Blingsome Lip Tattoo #05 - Lady Tension (sold out)
Etude House Eye's Cream Mint Cooling (sold out)

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  1. I love buying from Althea! Their products are so much cheaper and can get promotion items as well


  2. Miriam : did you bought anything from them already? hehehe :)