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Are you ready for my ice cream review and videos about it? I hope you say YES as I am sure most of the people love dessert like me. I really love desserts when I feel sad and feeling want to eat dessert. I am so so happy that this handsome PR Wei En arrange with the Italgelato chef - Mohd Rodzee to allow us to see how he make the ice cream, let us create our own ice cream creation and let us try all the flavors of ice cream. OMG!! It was so so amazing opportunity for me and my beloved hubby and my blog too. 

Welcome To Italgelato Ice Cream Corner 

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to Chef Rodzee for made these ice creams specially for us, bloggers and our partners as well. What so special about it? Every ice cream has different filing into it. I ate an ice cream stick but then the feedback from me is very sweet. I am not really into too sweet desserts. My hubby ate mine and he ate another one again. *tam chiak laogong*.

Isn't colourful ice creams? :) 

MissJasJas (Yours Truly) and Chef Rodzee 

After eating our special ice cream made by Chef Rodzee, he taught us how he made special ice cream for us. This is the video that my beloved hubby helped me to capture of him. 

Credits to my beloved hubby - Mr Yew

That's how the ice cream come out from the machine 

After that, it comes out with the special ice cream that he made for us. I just tried a little bit of it because it is sweet and sour. I don't really like it. Sigh. Too bad of it. After that, he showed us few of his own ice cream creation and he also allows us to create our own ice cream creation too. Woohoo!! In this case, I am very *stupid* because I made a mistake already. Hahaha. Thank you for the amazing opportunity again, Chef Rodzee. 

MissJasJas with my simple ice cream before the decoration 

Everyone ice cream creations 
Guess which one is mine?? 

After creating our own ice cream, Chef Rodzee specially choose few flavors for us and we also can choose our own ice cream too. I did tried a lot of flavors but then the flavor that attract my tongue is

Yogurt Alla Fragola (Strawberry Yogurt)

Well, let's me share some pictures for you to see. If you really love desserts like me, you should try their ice cream which is only available in Genting Highlands. There are few kiosks in Genting. You can choose at Lobby Cafe from 10am until 10pm daily. If after lunch or dinner at Hou Mei restaurant, you can enjoy your dessert at Italgelato kiosk from 6pm until 9pm during show period. If you were at Horizon 50, you can enjoy your dessert from 12pm until 8pm. 

There are total 20 flavors and guess which one I love it? 
Or which one you love it? 

These are ice cream sticks!!

Colourful ice cream cones, normal ice cream cones, 
small ice cream cones

Amazing ice cream cones

These are Testing Spoon 
It means that those customers want to buy their ice cream and
 they can try it before they chose the flavors that they want :) 

These are Serving Spoon 
Isn't their serving spoons are colourful?
 It makes those customers happy too :)

Left - Stick Ice Cream (RM 9.50 per stick) 
Right - Minou Ice Cream (RM 7.50 per stick) 
They usually comes in five distinctive flavours 
a) Lemon
b) Hazelnut 
c) Pistachio 
d) Strawberry 
e) Gianduja (Chocolate and Hazelnut) 

As you can see that there are 3 colors of ice cream cones.

Wei En, MissJasJas, Sis Irene 

Me with Sis Irene

Lastly, I would like to say thank you so much to Resorts World Genting and PR team are Eric, Wei En and Irene for the services and gave this best opportunity to me, my husband and my blog as well. I am very very happy that I got learnt a lot of knowledges such as making pasta and pizza that I do at home. Woohoo!! I seriously can't wait for my future house to be done, so that I can be the chef at home for myself and my husband too. Heheh. Thank you for everything. I can't express how thankful am I. 

For more information 

Location : In Front of Lobby Cafe

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