Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Let's me continue the story. After check-in the hotel room, the handsome PR Eric told us to come back at 2.45pm to the ice-cream counter and meet up at there. Everyone gather at there and we went to this Bubbles and Bites Restaurant. It was at Maxims Hotel side. It has been 5 years that I didn't visited Resorts World Genting. After 5 years, the first I visited was June 2015 which is my first time I got sponsored by Resorts World Genting. I am so happy that this is the best opportunity that I achieved this in my blog. Woohoo!! I didn't know there are many restaurants at here. Thank you so much to Resorts World Genting and PR team are Eric, Wei En and Irene as well. 

Welcome to Bubbles and Bites Restaurant 

Finally, we reached Bubbles and Bites restaurant. There is someone named Miss Irene who welcomed us into the restaurant and brought us into the restaurant for sit. After that, she gave big surprise which is let us go into their kitchen to see the chef making pasta and pizza by using his hands only. This is amazing opportunity that my hubby and I get to see it. 

The only ingredients are flour, 3 eggs, salt and olive oil

Here is the chef gonna do the pasta :) 

After mixing all the ingredients, you gotta do it become dough of this picture. It is very important for the dough as it cannot be so dry and wet as well. You must make sure it is average. 

After that, you can put the dough into this machine and 
scroll it on the left one :) 

Credit by my beloved hubby Mr Yew for help 

TA-DAH!! It is already done. After scroll the dough into the machine, you gotta scroll the dough another way round - right side. It become pasta and let it dry for 5 - 6 hours only can cook. 

This is the pizza dough that I captured by my iPhone  

Please watch this video so that you know 
how to make your own pizza at home
No need to waste money to eat at outside if you love pizza 

Please watch it as it is good if you love pizza and 
want to do your own pizza at home

After all the pasta and pizza handmade by the Chef Khairul, all of us went to our table and sat there while waiting for the foods to be serve. Finally, the foods served but before that, the F&B Department Executive Miss Irene let us take picture of the foods. OMG!! Foods are my favourite!! I am so so hungry after looking at the foods and I am gonna upload foods pictures soon. Please get ready of these!! 

Carbonara Pizza 
Beef bacon , egg , parmesan and mozzarella cheese 
Member - RM 33 
Non Member - RM 36 

Al-Dente' Squid Ink Pasta 
cooked with seafood, garlic and tomato base
Member - RM 31
Non Member - RM 34

House Special Avocado Fries with Tangy Sauce 
Member - RM 31
Non Member - RM 34 

8 Hours Slow Braised Lamb Shank 
served on cous-cous 
Member - RM 38 
Non Member - RM 42

Pesto Di Basilico 
tomato base , pesto sauce , prawn and almond flakes 
Member - RM 38 
Non Member - RM 41 

Italian Buffalo Margherita Pizza 
tomato base , juicy buffalo cheese , fresh basil and dry aregano 
Member - RM 55
Non Member - RM 58 

Bud Spencer Breakfast 
cheesy corned beef , american potatoes , caramelized onions
 and sunny sides eggs served just like in the wild wild west 
Member - RM 30 
Non Member - RM 33

OUR "Simply Fresh" Hamburger 
200gm of fresh ground beef and wagyu lard , gruyere , 
half burnt onions and gherkins on a soft sesame seed bun 
Member - RM 28 
Non Member - RM 31 

Peri-Peri Chicken Wings 
Member - RM 23
Non Member - RM 26

Ethiopian Chicken 
slow braised chicken with bread and sour cream 
Member - RM 28 
Non Member - RM 31 

Chocolate Brownies 
Member - RM 13 
Non Member - RM 15 

Bundaberg Root Beer specially for us :) 
Thank you so much 

I am sure you guys sure wondering how come got member and non member. You must sign up for Resorts World Genting membership. After that, you dine in into any restaurants, there are 2 prices which is on the left and right. For the left one is Member. For the right one is Non Member. Remember this! :) 

From left - E-Wen's boyfriend, E-Wen, Jessie, Jessie's boyfriend, Huiying, Huiying's boyfriend, 
JasJas (yours truly) and my beloved hubby 

For more information 

Cuisine Location
Level 2 , Maxims

Cuisine Operation Hours 
11.00am – 12.00 midnight
Weekends, Eve of Public Holidays
 & School Holidays
11.00am - 2.00am


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