Sunday, December 3, 2017


Good afternoon blackies and whities! How are you today? This is my December haul which is I have bought another 3 Liquid Lipsticks from Breena Beauty. Have you ever heard about Breena Beauty? Yes? No? Breena Beauty is owned by famous blogger named Sabrina Tajudin. I knew her from The Butterfly Project Malaysia but unfortunately, I still haven't meet up with her yet. She has launched her 1st item was Liquid Lipsticks and slowly, she has launched Makeup Brushes and Bleading Pearl as well. You may check out her website - Breena Beauty for more information and you may purchase from the website as well. 

This is how she pack and post it to her customers :) 

I love the postcard she made and gave it to her customers :) 
The liquid lipsticks packaging so beautiful too! Love it very much :) 

There are 9 liquid lipsticks but I chose 3 of them

I chose Courage, Lady Boss and Cat Lady 

Let's we welcome Breena Beauty Liquid Lipsticks! 
Liquid Lipsticks - Breena Beauty
Candle - Ikea
Preserved Rose - ValerieYan Creation
Marble round deco - Days With Love

I am wearing Courage color on my lips 
I would love to say thank you very much to all the encouragement words 
from all of my readers! Loves and Huggies 

I am wearing Cat Lady color on my lips 
When I get very angry, I will be like Cat Lady which I can claws people XD

I am wearing Lady Boss on my lips 
Yes! I am lady boss because I don't work but I do write blog which is 
my full time job and I am also lady boss at home too hahaha 

My selfies with my Courage liquid lipstick from Breena Beauty 
I really love all the colors very much! :) 

Some are sponsors and some are paid by myself :) 

For more information 
BUY 3 = RM 100 (Liquid Lipsticks) **valid until 31st Dec 2017**

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