Monday, December 18, 2017


Merry Christmas to all my beloved readers and friends in advance! Are you fans of Thai food? I am one of the fans of Thai food actually. I can eat Thai foods once in a while because I have gastric, so it doesn't allow me to eat Thai foods frequently. Anyhow, let's me introduce Thai food which I found the F&B and their Mango Sticky Rice very delicious - Go Thai Restaurant. It is located at SS2/24, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. 

This corner is on your right of the restaurant 

Their best sellers of FOODS!! 

Their tables and seatings are made of wood. You will be very comfortable sitting with your loved ones to enjoy their Thai F&B and desserts as well. The most important to me is I like to visit cafes/restaurants that are not narrow. This restaurant was perfectly good. 

This is always my favourite Thai food - Tomyum Seafood 
Usually, I will order Tomyum Seafood with white rice in other Thai restaurants and this Tomyum Seafood quite delicious. 
Those who know me very well, my favourite seafood are prawns and crabs! 
Cukup masam dan cukup pedas! Love it very much! 
Price : RM 14.90

This has become one of my favourite Thai food - Khao Kha Moo 
It is stewed pork leg with rice and egg. 
Price : RM 11.90 

 This has become one of my favourite Thai food - Gai Hor Bai Toey
Thai Pandan Wrapped Chicken 
Price : RM 11.90 

 This dish name is Moo Ping 
It is charcoal grilled pork fillet (3 pieces) - RM 11.90 

This dish name is Kuey Tiow Nam Sai 
It is clear pork broth 
Price : RM 8.90

 These are their signature drinks you should order among all of your friends
1️⃣ Nam Manow (Thai Lime Juice) 
2️⃣ Cha Keow Yan (Iced Green Tea) 
3️⃣ Cha Nom Yen (Iced Thai Milk Tea) - my favourite 
4️⃣ Thai Nom Yen (Iced Milk Syrup) 
5️⃣ Nam Takrai Bai Toey (Pandan Lemongrass) 
Also, their famous bottled fizzy drinks (orange, sprite, fanta and coca-cola)

The most famous dessert for Thai people is Mango Sticky Rice :) 
I started fall in love with it since I visited Thai restaurant
Their mangoes and sticky rice with their coconut milk was fresh & yummy!

I was so impressed with their foods because my favourite food all the time for Thai cuisine is Tomyum Seafood w/ white rice. Now, I have added 2 new dishes into my Thai cuisine favourite are Khao Kha Moo and Gai Hor Bai Toey. You should try these dishes when you drop by at Go Thai Restaurant. All the foods was cooked by their Thai chefs, so it is superb delicious because they know how to cook their own culture foods for us, Asian people. My favourite drink in Thai cuisine was Cha Nom Yen. It will be always my favourite!! Not forgotten, my favourite dessert in Thai cuisine is Mango Sticky Rice!! OMG!! My saliva really can come out if I still keep writing about it. Hahaha. Anyway, my feedback is 5/5 because their restaurant welcoming the guests was good and polite, their tables and seatings was not narrow at all, their foods, beverages and desserts was superb delicious, the cleanliness of the restaurant and washroom was great and I will come back and visit it when my mouth feel wanna eat Thai food again. Haha. 

For more information
Address : 187, Jalan SS2/24,
 Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : 
Mon - Sun (11.30am - 10.00pm) 

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