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This month (December 2017) was an awesome month because I have so many things want share to all of you about my beauty products, hotel review and hauls that I bought on this month. I would like to say thank you very much Founder of BIMYOU Creation Zaty for this amazing opportunity for me and my blog. Well, I am here to share my new skincare products from S2J White Fleur. BIMYOU means Best Image Of You and S2J means Smart. Science. Jeune. 

S2J's "White Fleur" range contains 7 main skin brightening actives which are extracted originally. It is a powerful mixture from plants as a whole, majority of the extracts are from flowers, thus named "White Fleur" which carries the meaning of White Flower. 

The S2J "White Fleur" is a skin brightening range that also promotes healthier and younger skin. 


Cleansing Oil (115ml) 
It removes impurities, bacteria and dead skin cells for a clean and supple skin without stripping your skin. 

Cleansing Gel (115ml) 
It creates a light, rich lather to effectively cleanse face off residue, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. 

Toning Essence (115ml) 
It double-nourishes the skin with moisture and nutrients with a calming and soothing effect. 

Hydrating Moisturizer (50ml) 
It is a refreshing lightweight cream that boosts and locks hydration for a smooth and supple skin. 

Can see my makeup? This picture, I applied my daily toner, moisturizer and sunblock from Skinfood. After that, I applied powder cushion from Mamonde and applied color on my eyebrows. That's all. 

Selfie first before reviewing the beauty products on my face 

Thank you very much for this goodies bag, BIMYOU Creations 

I love the packaging because it is white in color with black wordings. That's me! Inside of the box, you can get 4 products which are 

1. S2J Cleansing Oil (115ml) 
2. S2J Cleansing Gel (115ml) 
3. S2J Toning Essence (115ml) 
4. S2J Hydrating Moisturizer (50ml) 

Start with dry face and dry hands. Put Cleansing Oil on fingers and massage face gently. Emulsify oil with water. Rinse face thoroughly. 

This product is to remove our makeup and any impurities on our face. I am using cotton pad and press several times on the cotton pad. After that, I wipe my whole face and after that, I wipe it with my small wet towel. After that, I can feel my face become soft and feeling fresh after removing my makeup all over my face. The scent smell of this product was good. Thumbs up for this product which we can remove our makeup easily without stripping our skin. Also, it is easy to use because it is pump type. You can pump once on the cotton pad and remove all of your makeup. 

Put cleansing gel on palm and form foam. Lather foam all over face gently in circular motions. Rinse face with water. 

This product is normal cleanser like you everyday use your own cleanser. Finally, I found new cleanser brand for myself which is suitable for me as my skin was very sensitive. Also, I love the scent of the Cleansing Gel too. I am using cotton pad to put the cleansing gel onto it. After that, I wipe my face with my wet towel again. My I just wanna show video which I have tried and tested on my face. The scent smell of the cleansing gel was good and I love it very much. Then, it is easy to use too. It is pump type, so you just pump once/twice will do. I guess it will last 3-5 months. 

Put Toning Essence on cotton pad. Wipe face gently using the cotton pad. Pat all over face using fingers gently. For optimum use, place cotton pad at troubled area on face for 3-5 times. 

This product is normal toner like you everyday use your own toner. Usually, I use my toner after cleansing my face. For my knowledge, this product is 2 in 1 which are Toner + Essence too. Finally, I found new cleanser brand for myself which is suitable for me as my skin was very sensitive. Also, I love the scent of this Toning Essence very much. 

DIRECTION OF USE (Hydrating Moisturizer) 
Put Hydrating Moisturizer on your palm. Lather evenly on your face.
 Put all over face using fingers gently. 

This product is normal moisturizer like you everyday use your own moisturizer. Usually, I will use my own moisturizer after cleansing my face and apply toner all over my face. There is no scent smell of this Hydrating Moisturizer. It is white in color of the texture. After applying it all over my face, it is non-sticky moisturizer because I hate sticky products on my face and even body too. 

Overall, I give S2J "White Fleur" 5/5 because 
1. I love the packaging because it is white in color and black wordings. It is suitable for my own style because I love to dress up myself into B&W. 
2. I love the way they arrange the bottles of these 4 products into the box and the bottles was beautifully in white color and black wordings too. 
3. I am fall in love with the Cleansing Oil because it says remove makeup and impurities on our face. The scent of it was great! It doesn't strip our skin too. 
4. I love all the products' scent except Hydrating Moisturizer because the scent like cooking oil. Anyway, it is suitable for me after all because my skin was sensitive. Whenever I use any products and if the products was not suitable, my sensitiveness will shows immediately one. 
5. I started love Korean products because from my top to toe all are Korean brands. 

S2J White Fleur will launched in January 2018! 

For more information 
Address : 60-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Presiden F U1/F, Accentra Glenmarie, Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

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