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25th June 2018 ; On the same date, we went to "Pasar Payang", Chinatown and "Rumah Warisan Haji Su" and then we came to this "Villa Kristal" to check-in for a night. Well, it was 4 Crystal Villas units. We are staying on the right villa and left unit is for the guys' and the right unit is for the ladies'. In the villa, there are 3 rooms, a toilet, a connecting toilet, kitchen, living room, dining room. It is quite spacious for those who come with family and big group of friends. 

"Villa Kristal" is located in the Islamic Civilization Park, Pulau Wan Man. The villas are situated in a very strategic location adjacent to the Crystal Mosque and Terengganu River. 

This villa is on your left :) 

This villa is on your right :) 

This is my room for a night :) 

In the room, there are bed with mattress and 3 pillows for you. 
The toilet is connecting to another room. 

Each unit of Crystal Villas are equipped with the following facilities:-
a) 3 bedrooms furnished with closet, air conditioner and ceiling fans
b) Living room furnished with sofa and television
c) Mini Fridge
d) Kitchen area with basic utensils
e) Bathrooms with water heaters and no toiletries
f) Iron & Iron board
g) Free parking
h) Extra mattress (maximum 2 mattress only)

For more information 
Crystal Villa Room Rate:
Unit/per night
Villa No.1 & Villa No.2 - RM 240.00
3 Bedrooms (1 Double + 2 Single) furnished with closet, 2 Bathrooms
Free Entrance Ticket to Monument Park for 2 Adults

Unit/per night
Villa No.3 & Villa No.4 - RM 280.00
3 Bedrooms (2 Double + 1 Single) furnished with closet, 3 Bathrooms
Free Entrance Ticket to Monument Park for 2 Adults

Check In Time : 2.00pm
Check Out Time : 12.00pm

Our transportation from Day 1 until Day 5 
Anyway, if you're looking for cars rental, these are the pricing : 
Starex : RM 550 
Vellfire : RM 700 
Vellfire Robot : RM 1500 
Alphard Old Version : RM 500 
Van Hiace : RM 350 
Van Urvan 15 seat : RM 400 
For more information, please check their website : 

This is one of the most popular attractions in Kuala Terengganu is the Taman Tamadun Islam or TTI (Islamic Civilization Park) situated on Pulau Wan Man not far from the estuary of the Terengganu River. TTI is an Edutainment Park spread across ten hectares filled with replicas or monuments of 22 exquisite and most famous mosques around the world.  

Welcome To Taman Monumen 

Let's we go explore this TTI (Islamic Civilization Park) together

Wheee!! I cannot wait to visit this beautiful place :) 

This is their unique ticket. It is a passport book actually :) 

This is where you can Q up to buy the tickets :) 

If you staying at Crystal Villas, then you no need to buy the tickets but if you're bringing any kids, you just pay for your kids fee only (depends on the age too). 

 You can also buy souvenirs for yourself/family/friends :) 

 Kids love playground! They can play :) 

Our transportation in Islamic Civilization Park :) 
Picture credits to Eddy Rush

Other Facilities :
Buggy Ride - One hour travel with In House Guide
a) 3 Seater = RM48
b) 5 Seater = RM59 
c) Luxury 5 Seater = RM64
d) 13 Seater = RM159
Surrey Ride
a) 4 Seater = RM48
b) 6 Seater = RM59
Bicycle Rental
1 and half hours = RM10
Tram (Unlimited Ride)
Adult = RM5.50
Child Age 6 and Below = FREE

This Xian Mosque was founded in 1392 by naval admiral Haj Cheng Ho during the Tang Dynasty typifies a Buddhist Temple, however its grand axis is aligned from East to West, facing Mecca. 

This National Mosque was built in 1965 as a tribute to Malaysia's first Prime Minister, its main roof is reminiscent of an open Royal Parasol, and the minaret's cap a folded one. 

This Kudus Minar Central Jaya, Indonesia was built in 1549 by Sunan Kudus (Ja'far Shodiq), its unique feature is the harmonization of Hindu-Javanese style with an Islamic function, epitomized in its lower resembling a Chandi, typically found in Hindu temples. 

This Pattani Central Mosque, Thailand was built in 1954 during the administration of Field Marshal Sarit, this mosque resembling the Taj Mahal is the focus point of Thai Muslims and a centre for religious ceremonies.

This Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin, Brunei Darussalam was built in 1958 in Bandar Seri Bagawan and was named after 28th Sultan of Brunei, this mosque was designed by an Italian architect. Its golden-domed structure is the tallest building in the city. 

This Sultan Mosque, Singapore located at the Kampong Glam, Singapore. The mosque is considered one of the important mosques in Singapore. It is famous with it glided dome sit on a bed formed by glass bottles donated by local residents. 

The fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal in loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, as a symbol of his eternal love for her. 

Once, the largest of this mosque in the world with a capacity of 65,000 Muslims, this mosque was built in 1673 A.D. by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. 

This Kubbah As-Sakhrah, Baitul Muqqaddis, Palestin was built in 692 C.E. under the patronage of the Umayyad Caliph Abdul al-Malik ibn Marwan. It enshrines the Sacred Rock and commemorates the Prophet Muhammad's Ascension to the heavens to visit God. 

It was commissioned by Abbasid caliph Al-Mutawakkil in the 9th century and it was built entirely of bricks and clay. Today, it stands majestically in the largest ancient city in the world, one of its uniqueness is spiral cone located in the northern part of the mosque. 

This Mausoleum of Abu Nasr Parsa, Balkh, Afghanistan was built in the 17th century in Timurid style, the shrine in this octagonal structure is dedicated to an eminent theologian, Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa, who was a spiritual leader of the Naqshbandi order. 

It is also known as the Alabaster Mosque owing to the extension use of this fine material, this mosque was built by Mohammed Ali whose reign is known as the beginning of the Egyptian renaissance. 

Love my photography skill from far :) 

This Suleyman Mosque, Turkey was built in 1557 during the 46 year reign of Suleyman of the Ottoman Empire. It puts housed infirmaries, a medical school, a hospital, shops, cells and arms-houses. 

This Great Mosque of Qairawan, Tunisia was built in 670 by Uqba ibn Nafi, this is the oldest Islamic monument in Tunisia with the oldest minaret. Today, after it have been rebuilt three times, this mosque symbolises equality in Qairawan. 

This tower was built in 1127 A.D. by Arslan-Khan. The minaret was made of baked bricks. It is a flawless example of Tboth civil engineering and superior architectural creation. 

This Great Mosque of Agadez, Niger was built in sixteenth century when the city was at its height, this mosque is made of dried earth and is topped by pyramid-shaped minaret spiked with 13 rows of stakes to strengthen the structure. 

This Kul Sharif Mosque, Kazan, Russia was once left in ruins, the reconstruction of this mosque following the collapse of the Soviet Union is reflective of Kazan's 1000 years long history and its design is reminiscent of the historical surrounding of the Kremlin. 

This is the lake in the Islamic Civilization Park 

For more information 
Address : Taman Tamadun Islam, 
Pulau Wan Man, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.
Operation Hours : 
Monday until Thursday
: 10am until 7pm 
 : 9am until 11.30am / 2.30pm until 7pm
Saturday and Sunday : 9am until 7pm 
Last Ticket Sale : 6pm
Admission Fee :
Adult = RM21.80
Senior Citizen (60 years & above) = RM15.80
Child (7-12 years) = RM15.80
Child (Age 6 and below) = FREE

The Crystal Mosque (Masjid Kristal) is the icon of Taman Tamadun Islam and Kuala Terengganu City-the Waterfront Heritage City. It was so unique and can considered that it is the first and only mosque builds entirely from steel and glass hence the crystal-like image. The mosque was constructed between 2006 and 2008 and opened on 8 February 2008 by the 13th Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu.

After visiting Islamic Civilization Park, we are back to our villa. After I got ready myself, I walked with my travel friend Dboy to take pictures of this beautiful Crystal Mosque. This is the only one mosque I very admire it because it is made by steel and glass and that what makes it so unique and special. You should visit and those who love photography, you can take as many as you want. Then, we are back to our villa and we headed to TTI River Cruise for dinner

The TTI River Cruise guided tour offers a unique experience to enjoy the tranquility and scenic splendor of the Terengganu River. The 45 minutes cruise takes you through numerous "little islands" along the river, each with its own peculiar and fascinating history. You will be able to appreciate the livelihood of the local fishermen within these fishing villages. Remember to enjoy the splendid view along the Kuala Terengganu River and witness the enchanting lifestyle of the people here. 

Here's the TTI River Cruise entrance 

This is my dinner of the date :) 

These are the pricing for TTI River Cruise :) 

Few of my shots of this beautiful Crystal Mosque changing lights :) 

For more information 
Address : Taman Tamadun Islam,
 Pulau Wan Man, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.
Ticket Pricing -> HERE

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