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6th June 2018 ; I had visited Ocean Park Hong Kong with my husband. It was my first oversea collaboration in my blog. I am very happy and excited after receiving good news from Ocean Park Hong Kong PR which I work hard for it. I never thought that my hard work really pays off! This time, I am really very proud of myself. Thank you very much for our collaboration. 

Credits to MTR HONG KONG

If you're in Hong Kong and you want to visit Ocean Park, make sure you find South Island Line and ride on their MTR and get down to Ocean Park station. Then, you can see EXIT B on your right. For my suggestion, you may stay at L'Hotel Island South at Wong Chuk Hang station. 

The view from Ocean Park 

Finally, we're here!! 

Another picture of Ocean Park before we entering :) 

Finally, I can say that Ocean Park checked!! See my face?? 
I am so so happy and excited about it!! 

Before entering Ocean Park, there are several security guards will check your bags. Anyway, they don't allow foods and beverages into their theme park. Don't worry. They have 7 restaurants and 7 food kiosks for you to choose. You can bring your empty water bottle and you can refill the water inside the theme park. 

You can find this tap water to refill your empty water bottle :) 

 Close up of the photo above one :) 

Finally, we're inside the Ocean Park. There are a lot of people Q up for their tickets. For my suggestion, it is better that you purchase the tickets from Klook. It is very easy to purchase the tickets from this website. Remember to check it out by yourself. Well, that time it was raining heavily when we reached around 9am. The theme park actually opens at 10am. So, we gotta wait another 1 hour to go. I was praying to God to stop raining so that I can play the rides. Hahaha. 

Isn't beautiful and cute decoration in front of the Ocean Park? 

Ocean Park Hong Kong is an unique home-grown theme park that brings joy and fond memories to visiting guests. Since its opening in January 1977 as a non-profit organisation, the Park has developed and established itself as a world-class attraction connecting people with nature, and has gained consistent recognition for its animal husbandry, conservation and research efforts as well as its relationship with the community. Furthermore, it is more than 140 million people have visited Ocean Park since its inception, and the Park remains committed to offering experiences that combine entertainment with education and conservation. 

It is located at Wong Chuk Hang on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park covers more than 91.5 hectares of land and has over 80 attractions throughout two attraction areas - The Waterfront and The Summit. These two attraction areas are connected by cable cars and The Ocean Express, a funicular train system. Every year, Ocean Park hosts five unique seasonal events, namely Summer Carnimal, Halloween Fest, Christmas Sensation, Lucky Lunar Fiesta and Animal Discovery Fest. I know many of you will be curious about the Summer Carnimal. It is actually means Summer Carnimal (Carnival+Animal). 

Welcome To Hong Kong Ocean Park! The logo is a sea lion of it :) 

This picture always in my memories! 

Thank you very much to Hong Kong Ocean Park Public Relation dropped the Ocean Park tickets for me and my husband. I am really thankful with our collaboration. Hugs and kisses from me, Malaysia Blogger - MissJasJas. 

OMG!! Their tickets so so cute!! 
Thank you very much for our collaboration!! 

These are the place you can purchase your tickets from them 
If you doesn't want to Q up to purchase, you just purchase from Klook. 

It was raining heavily, so you can see there are a lot of people wearing rain cover and taking umbrellas. One more thing, their baby stroller was very unique because it has rain cover on it, so that your babies/kids won't get wet :) 

These are the rental services provided with pricing as well 

You may find their staff working on the kiosk and you can pay the amount of money to him/her. That time, it was still raining after the theme park opens. So, my husband and I have to buy the rain cover. Total is HKD 50 each. 

The journey starts at here! 

What is this?? That time I was thought of roller coaster but then it is not. 
It is The Grand Aquarium! Come, we check it out together. 

Top : Sui Sui Fashion @ Sunway Velocity Mall 
Bottom : @summerdrobe on Instagram 
Shoes : Puma 
Backpack : Mizzue 

Journey begins here. We chose to walk right to check it all the attractions. 

The 1st attraction checked! It is The Grand Aquarium (The Waterfront) 

Anyway, please ignore this picture of mine hahaha 

Woohoo!! Can't wait to check The Grand Aquarium! 

The Grand Aquarium brings guests on a multisensory journey from the shore to the darkest depth of the ocean. The aquarium dome, spectacular reef tunnel and 13m wide acrylic viewing panel in the aquarium take guests closer to an eye-opening collection of fish of different species. PS : Do not use flash. 

Those fishes are Dory!! They're so beautiful fishes :) 

Manage to capture this cute stingray without flash! 

A short video on how the stingrays was swimming 

 This picture is Japanese Bullhead Shark 

This picture is Giant Pacific Octopus

 This picture are Cherry Anthias (the fish name) 

 Can you see the tiny fishes? The fishes are Banggai Cardinalfish

This is the viewing dome that you can see the fishes swim around

 This picture are Japanese Giant Spider Crab 

A short video of this Giant Pacific Octopus 

A short video of this jellyfish 

Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures is home to three golden monkeys, Le Le, Qi Qi and their baby, Lokie, as well as giant panda An An who is currently the world's oldest male giant panda under human care. Being the Park's important animal ambassadors, they help promote conservation among the public. 

 2nd attraction we checked! 

Wow! I didn't know that pandas and monkeys can live together :) 

This golden monkey is Qi Qi :) 

Anyway, after visiting two attractions, you can see Gator Marsh. 

OMG!! Can you see it?? It is Chinese alligator 

Look at those eyes of the alligator XD 

Can you see the teeth?? It was very sharp as what I can see :) 

Amazing Asian Animals features 8 unique attractions including Giant Panda Adventure, an impressive habitat for precious Asian species such as the giant panda, red panda, Chinese giant salamander, Asian small-clawed otter and Chinese alligator. 

Finally, I see the giant panda with my own eyes! 
It is sleeping actually. Doesn't move at all :( 

This is the Chinese giant salamander 
You may check it out what is it -----> Chinese Giant Salamander 

This is the red panda named Rou Rou 

This is the Asian small-clawed otter 

After come out from the Amazing Asian Animals station, you will see a lot of gold fishes. We skipped this part because it was raining heavily again. So, I just took this beautiful gold fishes decoration. 

Beautiful Gold Fishes Decoration 

After come out, you can get to see this Old Hong Kong. Old Hong Kong is themed after the streetscape and architectural styles of Hong Kong from the 1950s to the 1970s. Guests can also savour more than 70 kinds of local street foods and beverages to reminisce the flavour of old Hong Kong. 

There are 3 attractions in The Waterfront are : 
1. Aqua City 
2. Amazing Asian Animals 
3. Whiskers Harbour 

There are 13 attractions in Aqua City such as : 
1. Ocean Square 
2. Koi Creek 
3. Conservation Kiosk 
4. Aqua City Lagoon 
5. The Grand Aquarium 
6. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures 
7. Applause Pavilion 
8. Ocean Express Waterfront Station 
9. Waterfront Plaza 
10. Old Hong Kong 
11. Sea Life Carousel 
12. Adventures in Australia 
13. Cable Car 

In Aqua City, there are 2 restaurants, 2 food kiosks and 2 souvenir shops. 
1. Aqua City Bakery 
2. Neptune's Restaurant 
Food Kiosks 
1. Lakeside Chill 
2. Chan's Noodle 
Souvenir Shops 
1. Ricky's Shack 
2. Waterfront Gifts 

There are 8 attractions in Amazing Asian Animals such as : 
1. Mascot Meet & Greet Booth 
2. Bamboo Stage 
3. Gator Marsh 
4. Giant Panda Adventure 
5. Panda Village 
6. Goldfish Treasures 
7. Amazing Bird Theatre 
8. Emerald Trail 

In Amazing Asian Animals, there are a restaurant named Club Panda and a food kiosk named Panda Cafe Food To Go. 

There are 11 attractions in Whiskers Harbours such as : 
1. Talking Tree 
2. Toto The Loco 
3. Whiskers Theatre 
4. Rainbow Symphony 
5. Merry-Go-Round 
6. Clown A Round 
7. Castle of Redd 
8. Balloons Up-Up-And-Away
9. Frog Hopper 
10. Jungle of Giants 
11. Bouncer House 

In Whiskers Harbour, there is no restaurant and souvenir shops. So, there is only one food kiosk named Clown's Snacks. 

Anyway, I am done checking out The Waterfront attractions. It is time for me to take cable car to go The Summit. 

Welcome To Hong Kong Ocean Park Cable Car 

Cable Car is Ocean Park's iconic facility, which is 205 metres above the South China Sea. The Park has 252 cable cars which are able to transport up to 3,600 guests per house to and from the Waterfront and the Summit at a steady speed of 3.2 metre per second along the 8 minute ride. Apart from unhindered views of the sea, sky and surrounding hills, the soothing guests journey provides guests an excellent opportunity to see the attractions at Ocean Park from above. 

Our cable car that we sat on is Number 3 

Here we go! This is the longest cable car I have sat :) 

One of the beautiful view I capture once reached The Summit 

This is the best ice cream I have eaten at Ocean Park :) 
It is HKD 25 

Polar Adventure conveys conservation messages about the plight of polar wildlife living under the threat of climate change and global warming in a fun and educational way with the help of animal ambassadors from both ends of the world. The two animal exhibits within this area simulate the natural environments of both the North Polar and South Polar regions to offer guests an immersive setting to learn about the wildlife in these two regions. Guests can also deepen their understanding about the Park's animal care efforts through the Animal Feeding and Animal Fun Talk sessions on some of the Park's animal ambassadors, including penguins, spotted seals and arctic foxes. 

South Pole Spectacular - Guests can take a closer look at different species of penguins, including the king penguin, the world's second largest penguin; the penguins, which sport unique coloured eye markings like a white bonnet. The exhibit allows guests to see these fascinating birds from different angles, including viewing them from above while they swim beneath glass-panelled floors. 

North Pole Encounter - This exhibit is home to Pacific walruses, spotted seals and evokes the sounds and sights of their northerly habitat. Guests can also admire their elegant swimming motions in an underwater tunnel. 

Arctic Fox Den - Guests can learn the secrets of Arctic foxes in surviving the arctic environment, and understand their interesting behaviours as well as conservation messages delivered by them. 

Candid shot by my husband 

South Pole Spectacular is about penguins!! 

Finally, I saw so many penguins with my own eyes!! 
They was very very very cute hehe 

 There are 3 types of penguins are 
King Penguins, Southern Rockhopper Penguins and Gentoo Penguins. 

 Luckily, we get to watch the trainer talk with the penguins :) 

 Are they very cute? Hehe :) 

A short video that you can watch how the penguins swim :) 

Another short video of this penguin XD 

 Finally, I saw arctic fox with my own eyes!! It is sleeping actually :) 

Information about Arctic Fox 

 Wheeee!! Can't wait to visit North Pole Encounter :) 

 These are spotted seals! It was their showtime actually! 

After visiting Polar Adventure, we walked towards Rainforest. We managed to check it out Expedition Trail and sat on The Rapids. 

Before entering Expedition Trail, you can see these parrots in blue and yellow in colors outside of the entrance 

Let's we check out what's inside Expedition Trail :) 

 This is the pathway you need to walk to the Expedition Trail :) 

 One of the fishes I managed to capture with my iPhone 5c :) 

One of the fishes I managed to capture with my iPhone 5c :) 

Anyway, in Expedition Trail, you can get see a lot of animals such as many types of fish, many types of insects, green anaconda. After you come out, you can see another 2 parrots which are red with colourful wings. 

 My husband managed to capture these beautiful parrots 
when its see camera :) 

After that, we are done checking it out at Rainforest. It is time for us to move on to Marine World. Let me tell you something which is you better wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk more and more because this theme park was very very big until my whole legs was very sore that time. 

 Finally, we are at Pacific Pier!! 

You can see this pathway and walk towards Pacific Pier :) 

Anyway, that time it was raining heavily again. So, we didn't managed to see any seals at this Pacific Pier. So, we walked towards until we reached Ocean Theatre. Ocean Theatre is a 3,500 seat theatre where a captivating presentation that underscores the urgent need to protect the oceans and marine animals, like dolphins and sea lions, is staged. Guests can also learn fun facts about the Park's marine mammals, and receive conservation messages from the animals' caretaker as they observe the animal ambassadors from a close distance during the Animal Fun Talk. 

You can see this beautiful picture on your right when you walked down towards the Ocean Theatre 

 Here we are!! Well, we managed to sit on the front row :) 

Wheeeee!! I can get to look this cute sea lion in front of my eyes!! 

Enjoy watching my videos which I recorded when I am at Ocean Theatre. 
Isn't the sea lion very cute? Hehehe. 

After watching the showtime at Ocean Theatre, we walked towards this Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre. 

From here, you can see several dolphins resting and eating 
with their ambassadors 

After watching for a while, we walked again and again. This is the pathway we walked through until we reached thrill ride which is Mine Train. It is 678 metres of twisting, climbing and dipping in a setting perched on a cliff overlooking the Aberdeen Harbour. It takes passengers on an exhilarating "mining" journey that will surely be an unforgettable experience. 

This is the pathway to walk until you see Mine Train :) 

It is First VR Coaster in Hong Kong - Mine Train!! 

Anyway, I didn't sat on it because you have to wear the 3D spec which I don't want to take my spectacle and that time I got a bit headache also. So I didn't sat on it but my husband went for it. I just wait for him only. 

After he done playing the ride, we walked towards Shark Mystique. 

The pathway to Shark Mystique 
Anyway, it was raining again that time haha 

Let's we check it out Shark Mystique together :) 

Took picture before we entering the Shark Mystique 

Shark Mystique showcases sharks and rays from different species and guests can get 360 degree views of incredible sea lives such as sawfish with its saw-like-rostrum and the zebra shark with leopard-like-spots all over its body. The interactive games and displays at the exhibit also test guests of their newfound knowledge about these beautiful animals. Guests can encouraged to join their favourite celebrities in saying "NO" to shark fin as well. 

The first animal we saw is stingray! 

We managed to record it closely when we want to start walking 

Anyway, what I wrote down is true. We really can get 360 degree views of incredible sea lives. Are you excited to come to Ocean Park Hong Kong? You really must visit if you love animals together with their thrill rides too!! Don't worry, there are some rides for the children at Whiskers Harbour. 

Finally, we are done with our checking out all the attractions. You must be wondering which thrill rides I have sat? Anyway, I just sat The Rapids and Raging River. I love Raging River very much. One boat is 4 passengers. Most of the thrill rides were closed due to the rain. 

It is time for us to get back to the main entrance with
Ocean Express Summit Station 

This is the Ocean Express Summit Station 

Ocean Express is built to transport up to 5,000 people per hour back and forth the Waterfront and the Summit. This funicular train can shuttle guests via a 1.3km tunnel between the Park's two main sites in just 3 minutes. With this, Ocean Park becomes the world's first and only place operating three ropeway systems - two aerial cable car systems and a tunnel funicular system, which operate at the same. 

There are 5 attractions in The Summit are : 
1. Polar Adventure 
2. Rainforest 
3. Marine World 
4. Adventure Land
5. Thrill Mountain 

There are 4 attractions in Polar Adventure such as : 
1. Arctic Blast (a roller coaster but it was closed due to rain) 
2. South Pole Spectacular 
3. Arctic Fox Den 
4. North Pole Encounter 

There is a restaurant named Tuxedos Restaurant and a souvenir shop named The Lodge. 

There are 5 attractions in Rainforest such as : 
1. Ocean Express Summit Station 
2. Summit Plaza 
3. Rainforest Why Zone 
4. Expedition Trail 
5. The Rapids (water ride - you will get wet) 

There are no restaurant and food kiosks in Rainforest. There is only one souvenir shop named Rainforest Gift Shop. 

There are 16 attractions in Marine World such as : 
1. Cable Car
2. Sea Jelly Spectacular 
3. Garden of Joy 
4. Shark Mystique 
5. Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium Yangtze Exploration 
6. Ocean Theatre 
7. Ocean Park Tower 
8. Pacific Pier 
9. Flying Swing 
10. Ferris Wheel
11. The Dragon 
12. Crazy Galleon 
13. The Abyss 
14. Eagle 
15. Veterinary Centre
16. Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre 

There are 4 restaurants named The Bayview Restaurant, The Terrace Cafe, Cafe Ocean, Mcdonald's Restaurant. 
There are 3 food kiosks named Golden Fried Chicken, Dive Into A Float and Boardwalk Cafe. 

There are 3 attractions in Adventure Land such as : 
1. Escalator
You might be think that I am crazy. Haha. Anyway, after you play Mine Train and Raging River, you need to take 3 longest escalator to go Ocean Express. 
2. Mine Train 
3. Raging River 

There are 4 attractions in Thrill Mountain such as : 
1. The Flash 
2. Whirly Bird 
3. Rev Booster 
4. Bumper Blaster 
5. Hair Raiser 

There is only one food kiosk is Clown Center. 

A short video of the fountain water before we exit Ocean Park 

Finally, I can say that Ocean Park checked by me!! 

For more information 
Admission : 
Adult (aged 12 or above) : HKD 480 
Child (aged 3 - 11) : HKD 240 

SmartFun Annual Pass : 
Premium Pass (Free admission 365 days a year) 
Adult : HKD 2300 
Child : HKD 1150 
Full-time Student : HKD 1600 

Gold Pass (Free admission for over
 340 days a year) 
Adult : HKD 1199 
Child : HKD 599 
Full-time Student : HKD 869 

Silver Pass (Free admission for over 
220 days a year) 
Adult : HKD 924 
Child : HKD 462

Ocean FasTrack : 
Priority access for 7 designated rides and attractions : HKD250 
Priority access for all designated rides and attractions : HKD 350 

Designated rides and attractions : 
The Waterfront : The Grand Aquarium, Waterfront Cable Car Station (Single Trip) and Waterfront Ocean Express Station (Single Trip)
The Summit : South Pole Spectacular, Arctic Blast, Hair Raiser, Ferris Wheel, Summit Cable Car Station (Single Trip), Summit Ocean Express Station (Single Trip), Raging River, Shark Mystique, The Dragon, The Rapids, Mine Train and The Abyss 

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