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Setiu Wetland is a wetland in Setiu District, Terengganu, Malaysia. It is part of the Setiu River basin, and also of the larger Setiu-Chalok-Bari-Merang basin wetland complex. With the size of 23,000 hectares, Setiu Wetlands is the largest natural wetlands in the East Coast region of Peninsular Malaysia, combining various ecosystems including freshwater, seawater, brackish water and a 14 km lagoon. Setiu Wetlands is heaven for the eco-tourist – an interesting destination for those who love the outdoors and nature.

This is the map of Boardwalk Setiu

Mud clam is an edible bivalve species buried in the stiff mud of mangroves. I saw this Malay lady digging the mud calms and there are her result. Can you see that mud calm so huge?? :) 

Finally, I have seen "Pokok Bakau" in my life! 

Lets we walk to the end together :) 

Nypa fruticans, commonly known as the nipa palm or mangrove palm. It is a species of palm native to the coastlines and estuarine habitats of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Nipa palms grow in soft mud and slow-moving tidal and river waters that bring in nutrients. The palm can be found as far inland as the tide can deposit the floating nuts. Furthermore, the long, feathery leaves of the nipa palm are used by local populations as roof material for thatched houses or dwellings. The leaves are also used in many types of basketry and thatching.

I am always love these beautiful items very much :) 

Whee!! I am so happy that I got this chance to do rattan basket 
Candid shot by my travel friend Murni

Dboy and I got the chance to do our own rattan basket :) 
Candid shot by our travel friend Murni 
You can see how happy is my face with my cheeky smile hahaha
Candid shot by our travel friend Murni

Candid shots by my Terengganu friend Miss Ainun 
Whee!! I am so happy that I did it by myself!! 

If you love craft works and want to do it by yourself,
If you want to buy the rattan items for yourself/family and friends, 
 you may contact 013-2914291 (Miss Sarina) 

Thank you very much to my Terengganu friend Miss Ainun for helping me 
to take video of me while I am doing the rattan basket :) 

For more information 
Address : Jln Pengkalan Gelap, 22120 Permaisuri, Terengganu, Malaysia. 

After visiting Boardwalk Setiu, we went to Lata Kolam Air Deru Ecopark to check-in on our last night and play those activities at there too. At Lata Kolam Air Deru Ecopark, these are the activities available : ATV Ride, Archery, Combat Archery, Water Rafting, Flying Fox and others. 

These are the appetizers that they prepared for us 
Those are "Otak-Otak"

Resting myself on the hammock camp at Lata Kolam 
Picture taken by Murni 

These are tubes that only can accommodate 1 person per tube 

This is the kitchen near to dorm 

This is the dorm that can accommodate 5 person 

This is the cabin that can accommodate 4 person 

This is the river which is nearby to the Archery place 

Played archery with my travel friends :) 

Next activity is ATV Ride! I was very excited for this because I wanted to try it so badly and my rider is Miss Murni. She is the best rider ever! :) 

Look how happy is she too XD 

Look how happy of me and Murni :) 
Picture taken by Hakmal 

This is another river that we gonna dip into the water :) 

Look the water flow coming down :) 

Selfie with Dboy and Hakmal 

My selfie of the day! Can't wait to play water rafting :)

Thank you Dboy for helping us to take video :) 
In the video are Eddy, Hakmal, Me, Ainun and Farhana 

Ainun, Yours Truly and Farhana 

All of us before getting up from the river :) 

For more information 
Address : Jalan Kolam Air Panas Kampung LA, 22010 Jerteh, Terengganu, Malaysia
For reservation, you may contact these persons : 
Kaswadi: +6013.9276998 
Syahrin: +6013.9178633 
Afiq: +6019.9822055 
Dyana: +6019.6931662

Me and Dboy promoting Premia Astaxanthin Eggs 
at Lata Kolam Air Deru Ecopark 
Picture taken from Hakmal

Jom masak masak kat Lata Kolam Air Deru Ecopark XD
Picture taken from Hakmal

These are the eggs yolks color after boiling them 
Picture taken from Kak Hazelin 

PREMIA Astaxanthin EX is one of the High Value Produce (HVP) derived from a unique strain of micro-algae called Haematococcus Pluvialis. It is capable of producing high grade and 100% natural and pure astaxanthin (antioxidant). 

What are so special about these eggs? It was a world most powerful antixiodant. These are the benefits of World Most Powerful Antixiodant : 
a) Eye Health 
4mg Astaxanthin per day  are able to reduces cataract formation and reduces the area of destructive new blood vessel growth on retinas
b) Cardiovascular Health
Astaxanthin boosts our beneficial HDL-cholesterol. It reduces measures of oxidative stress and inflammation and provide vascular benefits
c) Organ Anti-Aging
Astaxanthin has the ability to protect against lipid-membrane peroxidation of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids and proteins.
d) Central Nervous System
Astaxanthin cross the blood brain barrier and can extend its antioxidant benefits beyond that barrier allowing it to saturate and protect brain tissue. It slows down brain aging, lower the risks such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, etc
e) Immune System
Astaxanthin improve our immunological defense. It helps to suppress the overactive immune responses that create needless inflammation. It has beneficial actions on the over-activated immune system in patients with allergies and asthma.
f) Fertility
Regular consumption of Astaxanthin shows that  increased the sperm linear velocity and decreased reactive oxygen species and Inhibin B. There is also improvements in hormone levels and decline in dihydrotestosterone

For more information 
Click to purchase the eggs -> STORE LOCATOR 
Click to purchase the eggs -> ONLINE PURCHASE

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