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Dear my lovely readers! Finally, I have some time to write about my Hong Kong Disneyland trip already. Anyway, it was my 2nd time to Hong Kong Disneyland. My 1st time I came to here when I was 16 years old. That time I came with my family and this time I came with my husband with our hard work. So, I can say that HK Disneyland checked as I already sat almost all the rides and watched all the shows as well. I wish to visit other countries Disneyland as well!! 


This is the Disney MTR!! It was so cute inside of the MTR!!

How to get here? It is depends where you stay anyway. Just make sure you're at Tung Chung Line and interchange at Disneyland Resort Line. 

Once you arrive, you can take the escalator and go up!! 

Remember to buy your ticket in advance! I bought my ticket at Klook! 

Isn't cute? Mickey and his friends! 

It was bad because that time it was raining and the castle was on renovation 

Took this picture using my iPhone 5c

The 1st attraction I had sat is Iron Man Experience 
You need to wear the glasses that they provided and just sat on the seat
You will feel that you're flying and fight with the monsters haha 

The 2nd attraction I had sat is Hyperspace Mountain
It is a roller coaster in darkness :) 

This is the 3rd attraction which is Mickey and the Wondrous Book 
It is storybook theater 

Anyone can guess what is this attraction??

It's a small world! 

Welcome to this attraction called "It's A Small World"

It is a slow ride which you can sit on the boat and hear "it's a small world" song all the way until you reach the finish gate 

This is the 5th attraction I had sat is 
The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh ride 

Isn't cute this hunny seat? You will get to see Winnie The Pooh and friends was talking inside while the hunny move left, right and turn around haha 

When you saw this, you will know there is Dumbo ride :) 

Here are the Dumbo ride which called Dumbo, The Flying Elephant 
I didn't sit because it was closed due to rain but I sat before when I was 16 

After walking for so long, my stomach calling and it is time for lunch! 
I ordered this from Royal Banquet Hall (Grill). 

After that, we started walking until we found this attraction is 
Mickey's Philhar Magic 

It was long Q but then we managed to go into for the 2nd round
The attraction is you can watch 3D of the show and you will get wet too  

After watching the show, I took this picture :) 
This attraction is Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad - Fantasyland Station  

This is one of the attraction you can visit is Fairy Tale Forest 
This attraction is for you to take pictures only :)

These are Disney Fairy tales Castle 

After that, we started walking until we found Toy Story Land. 

Welcome To Toy Story Land 

This is the attraction I had sat at Toy Story Land is Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. Dare yourself that you sit on the parachute and it will drop like your heart come out haha 

My selfie while waiting for the rides to open again

This is the another attraction you can sit is Slinky Dog Spin :) 
I didn't sit this ride because I don't like XD

This is the another attraction you can sit is RC Racer 

Took this cute picture at Toy Story Land :) 

At Toy Story Land, there are 3 attractions you can sit are RC Racer, Slinky Dog Spin and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. You also can take pictures with the Toy Story characters too. Remember to check the schedule to take pictures with all the characters if you want!! -----> MEET AND GREET CHARACTERS TIME . 

After spending time at Toy Story Land, we walked towards AdventureLand. At here, there are 5 attractions :  Jungle River Cruise, Karibuni Marketplace, Liki Tikis, Rafts to Tarzan's Treehouse and Tarzan's Treehouse. 

If you want to visit Tarzan's Treehouse, you need to stand on the raft and go into it and take pictures only. I didn't go this time because I already went. Anyway, we skipped AdventureLand as that time the rides almost gonna close. So, we headed to Grizzly Gulch. At here, there are 3 attractions : Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Geyser Gulch and Wild West Photo Fun. 

These pictures are the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. 
It is a roller coaster and when it comes to this 2nd picture, it will backward very fast and go front again and stop out of sudden haha

After that, we walked towards Mystic Point for another attraction is Mystic Manor. At here, you can take pictures at Garden of Wonders and Mystic Point Freight Depot. 

This is the attraction that I had sat is Mystic Manor 
It is same as Winnie The Pooh attraction 

These are the pictures my husband helped to take :) 

We came to Royal Princess Garden and there are so many Disney Princesses costumes and there is the only one character I managed to take picture with. 

MissJasJas with Princess Sofia :) 

Finally, we are done with all the attractions. So, it is time for us to watch shows before going back. There are 3 shows we managed to catch up. I missed all the shows very much because I was keep wow wow wow!! Hahaha. These pictures on below are taken by me. 

It is time for me to say goodbye to HK Disneyland! 

Thank you very much for reading my long post #MISSJASJASINHK! 

 For more information 
Price : HKD 619 @ website
You can buy your ticket at KLOOK for more cheaper price and no need to Q up to buy your ticket at there. 

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