Monday, March 27, 2017


Good morning everyone! Today is the date that Uber team come to Penang for Uber experience visit to hidden gems with them. I am the only one blogger on the day and others are newspapers writers, reporters, journalists, and photographers. I am glad to meet all of them. Can you see the RM 50 credits into my Uber account? Thank you so much Uber and PR team for this credit. So, I took a ride from my house to China House for media briefing and breakfast as well. 

I was there at 9am sharp by Uber. After that, the media briefing started by Mr. Leigh Wong, Head of Communications (Singapore & Malaysia) presenting Uber Penang was one of the northern region states that Uber chose to roll out its service to, in 2015. Two years later, the service now operates in four Northern states including in Ipoh, Langkawi and Alor Setar. Isn't exciting news for those who always ride on Uber? Those who are staying in Ipoh, Langkawi and Alor Setar, you can download Uber app into your smartphone. 

Uber’s intention of moving more people in fewer cars resonates with the Penang Transport Master Plan’s objective to improve transportation around the state with a simple strategy – to ‘move people, not vehicles’. 

My Selfie At The Seang Hin Leong

Yours Truly with Mikhail (photographer) and Rudy (Metro Reporter)
Credit to Rudy for this picture

Please check it out my video :) 

The tour began at China House to Seang Hin Leong, a true hidden gem along Beach Street, the last remaining rattan and bamboo seller in Penang. The locally popular Mr. Sim Buck Teik sits in his shop facing the street while enjoying the breeze, doing what he does best – making old-school style rattan furniture. One shouldn’t miss the chance to stop by and meet this man, a true national heritage!

After we went to Seang Hin Leong, we came here Penang Road Famous Chendol. All of them ordered chendol but I ordered "Ice Kacang" but no nuts on my dessert. So, I called it "Ice Jagung". Hahaha. Too bad I don't have the dessert picture because I forgotten to take. After eating dessert, we head to "Nasi 7 Benua" at Sungai Ara. 

Finally, I can get to try "Nasi 7 Benua" with them. As you can see there are 7 colorful rice which are Nasi Minyak, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Lemuni, Nasi Lemak Pandan, Nasi Hujan Panas, Nasi Kacang and Nasi Putih. At the first place, I wanted to order Nasi Tomato and Nasi Putih only. But I also want to take picture of it so I decided to take all the 7 colorful rice to eat and with my favourite Malay fried chicken. The foods are delicious but very hard to find parking. It is same case as Penang Road Famous Chendol.

True confession – Both place are located at highly congested area. Let’s not even mention how difficult it is to get a parking spot. “Here’s where people have a choice with Uber,” said Leigh. “If you prefer not to drive, or even if you don’t own a car, and you want a quick fix of your favourite cendol, why not just hop on an Uber ride? It cuts down your wait time to satisfy your cravings!” Not only does Uber offer the choice of convenience to riders; it also enables drivers to double-up as tourist guides, especially in Penang where tourism flourishes year-on-year.  

The last tour ended at Uber's partner service center (PSC) in Bayan Lepas. There are 2 driver-partners named Rozita Ramli and Jaime Ong shared their stories on what inspire them to be a driver-partner with Uber and their experiences when they're driving with Uber too. 

Thank you so much to everyone are Mr Leigh Wong (Head of Communication) in Singapore and Malaysia, Mr Jeffrey Loh (Rantau PR), Ms Daisy (Rantau Account Director), Mr Nick Liew (Uber Operations and Logistics Penang) for guide us around Penang Island. Thank you so much for this great experience. Keep it up, Uber services! :) 

I am always support Uber :) 

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