Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Good afternoon my sweeties. Have you ever got cut when you shave your underarms? If yes, you better buy this product which is Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer. This is my short story : When I was in Alor Setar shopping mall time, I went to Watsons to buy something. After that, I saw this product at there. I really wanted to purchase this so much because I got cut before whenever I want to shave my underarms. It is because of the price and my husband gonna kills me if I purchase. End of the day, I didn't purchase it. After waited for so long, I got it from BridgesPR and I am so happy and thankful to them for sending this surprise for me! Thank you so much. 

This electric trimmer is not for underarms. It is also for upper lip & chin for those people who have hairs around there, eyebrows shaping, sideburns for the men, bikini and underarms too. Wow!! It has so many functions and pretty good product too. 

As you can see there is an arrow, you just open it up and you can start reading the instruction and how to use it too. 

With this new Veet Sensitive Touch, you can easily achieve the precise look you always wished for. You don't have to worry so much. It is quickly and gently cuts and shapes your hair on sensitive and delicate body areas such as face, bikini line and underarms. 

Here are the things inside the packaging

Take the packaging slowly and you can see that there are instruction for use, bag for your Veet Sensitive Touch items and cleaning brush as well. 

These are the accessories 

For Face
2-sided trimming head : 16mm and 6mm for eyebrows shaping
2 and 4 mm comb attachment (small) to uniform hair length 
Styler cap is to keep clean the 2-sided trimming head 

For Other Body Areas
Trimming Head 20mm is for upper lip and chin (men)
Comb attachment to uniform hair length (big)

Other Accessories 
Cleaning Brush for cleaning the hair from the trimmer items
Beauty pouch to put your Veet Electric Trimmer with you 
AA Battery Included 

I used comb attachment (big) to shave my underarms 

I love it because it says that QUICK and GENTLE - No fear of cuts! It is true! Previously, before I bought this Twin Blade Disposable Razors for my underarms, I used another type of razor. I forgotten where I bought it. After shave my underarms, I got cut several times and I feel very itchy on my underarms by using razors. Also, I got shocked because it is bleeding as well. From that time, I need to find another type of razor. I bought this Twin Blade Disposable Razors from Watsons before this product came out - Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer. I did used one of them because inside of this packaging has 6 razors. Once again, I feel very itchy after shaving my underarms. Well, after using Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer by using comb attachment (big) on my underarms, I don't feel anything at all. Thank you so much, Veet! 

For more information 
Normal Price : RM 119 
Check it out the video ----- > HERE