Thursday, March 9, 2017


Good afternoon my lovely readers. Want to get your lovely prints? You can purchase your own prints from Droprint app already!! They ship worldwide too. You may check out for more. Previously, I was wanted to get my prints from a website (I have forgotten which website) but I couldn't get it because the payment is Paypal. I doesn't have Paypal anyway. It is so difficult for me to purchase from them.  So, I am so thankful to Droprint Malaysia sponsored me these prints!! I will make another purchase soon once I move to my home sweet home. 

This is the envelope you will get from them
 once you opened your Poslaju Express. 

My own selfies. Well, I am so fall in love with myself 
We should love ourselves more before we love others

My OOTD/OOTN of myself 

My Pre-Wedding prints with my beloved hubby 

This year we have been together for 9 years and we have been married for 2 years plus Previously, I was wanted to leave him due to some problems but after gone through so many ups and downs in my life, I found out that he always be there for me no matter what happen. It shows that he really loves me so much. I am thankful to have him as my husband even though our financial not very good due to some problems. I believe that we will overcome the problem soon. With him, I am happy and thankful to have him beside me. We can't wait for our home sweet home. We gonna get our house key soon by this year. We can renovate and design our home sweet home with these prints as well. Thank you once again, Droprint Malaysia. 

Print on the left - Me, my sister Grace, my niece Hazel 
Print on the right - Me and my sister in law Jojo

I purposely chose this picture because their birthday is coming and my financial not very good. I am sure that this gift is the best ever even though I am not pretty. Hahaha. 

First Step 
You need to download Droprint app into your phone (IOS/Android)

Second Step 
Sign up or Connect with Facebook 

Third Step 
Please key in your shipping address and name correctly 
There are MYR, IDR, BHT, SGD, AUD and USD 

Fourth Step
Choose your photos on which prints you want from your phone album/Facebook/Instagram 
a) PolaStyle - RM 21
b) InstaStyle - RM 21
c) Classic 4R - RM 21 
d) Photobook - RM 48 
e) Giftbox - RM 28 
After done, click "ADD TO CART" 

Fifth Step 
You can see this page, wait until it uploaded successfully 
Then, you click NEXT
Then, you click PLACE ORDER 
Then, there are 2 payment option are Paypal or eGHL 
If eGHL, you can pay by your debit card or credit card 
IT IS SIMPLE AND EASY! Get your lovely prints now! 

Voucher code - rm5cash39432

The quality of prints was good. It is much more better quality as printing shop. I really love my prints so much. I will purchase another prints soon once my home sweet home done. 

For more information 
Apps Download : IOS / ANDROID 


  1. Nice one and your wedding photos are simply gorgeous though I'm not able to see it very clear! Keep it up and love yourself :)

    1. Thank you dear <3
      Hehehehe.. You will see it if you come to my house okay XD

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