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First of all, I would like to wish Happy 2nd birthday To You ShopBack Malaysia team. Let's me introduce what is ShopBack? ShopBack is the 1st online CashBack site in Malaysia. It gives you cashback for your online purchases. It is very easy that it is cashout to your local bank account. It is also featured on The Star Online, New Straits Times,, The Borneo Post, TechInAsia, Channel News Asia and etc. It is present around 5 countries are Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Taiwan. 

These are the popular stores for CashBack in ShopBack website. 

Before you want to purchase anything from online websites, remember to check this website and let's see whether got CashBack or not. Well, I am so forgetful that I forgotten to come and check it out this ShopBack website to check whether my favourite online websites got CashBack or not. 

Go to Health & Beauty Stores and 
I draw the arrow at the Althea Korea logo
I am sure everyone crazy over K-beauty products at Althea Korea 
Just click it and it bring you to this picture below 

This is the 2nd picture after you click the Althea Korea logo 
You just click "SHOP NOW" 
After that, you come to this picture below 

Just click SHOP NOW 
Shop like usual and make a purchase 
Earn CashBack in your ShopBack account 
Pay out redeemable CashBack directly into your bank account 
** For more information for how it works ----- > HERE **

ShopBack Angel, please make my one of my wishlist come true :)

The first item of my wishlist is Instax Camera Mini 70. OMG!! After I saw this picture, there are 3 new colors added into this category of Instax Camera Mini 70 which are red, black and gold. Well, I really don't know which colors should I choose because I love white, blue, red, black and gold. This choice seriously terrible because I love all the colors that I mentioned. Anyway, I saw white package, blue package, red and black on LAZADA.COM. 

For the White Instax Mini 70, I love it because I love BLACK&WHITE recently. I am sure that when I take picture of it, it seriously look like myself. For the Blue Instax Mini 70, I love it because I love BLUE color so much. Since I was young, I love BLUE color. I know many girls sure love PINK color but then I don't like PINK color. It is depends on what product anyway. The problem that LAZADA.COM give the surprise which one of them are selling the Instax Mini 70 included plain film (10pcs) and leather case. For the White package, the leather case is white in color. For the Blue package, the leather case is light blue in color. I dont like the leather case in white as it easily get dirty. I don't like the leather case in light blue as it is also easily get dirty and it is not match with dark blue instant camera too. 

While, left my another favourite 2 colors are Black and Red. I think and think... I choose Red Instax Camera Mini 70 because I am going to move home sweet home with my husband to our home within this year. I can't wait to renovate and design the home with my husband. We gonna organize house-warming and tea ceremony and there will be a lot of memories. That's why I want it so much as I can keep the instant camera films as memories. I can give one of the film to my family members and beloved friends as well. Red brought new luck into our home so I chose Red over Black. Please grant this Red Instax Camera Mini 70 for me!! 

ShopBack can save 11.0% in Lazada which is 
RM 526.89 (instax camera) x 11.0% (cashback) =  RM 57.95
ShopBack can save RM 57.95! 
Total cost of this instax camera = RM 468.94! 

The 2nd item of my wishlist is Daniel Wellington Classic Black Sheffield Watch 36mm. I love it because I don't have watch in my life seriously!! I hardly buy watch for myself because my skin is very sensitive and I don't know why my skin can be sensitive wearing watch. Maybe I need to find branded watch for myself. For me, I don't really care of the brand. I care whether I wear it nice or not and as long as I don't feel itchy on my wrist. I want it to be black and gold in color because I love black. Of course gold is the best color matching with the black. 

ShopBack can save 9.0% in Zalora which is 
RM 780 x 9.0% (cashback) = RM 70.20 
ShopBack can save RM 70.20! 
Total of cost of this watch = RM 709.80!

I want these items from Althea Korea!! There are 
1. Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off - RM 20 (link)
2. Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off - RM 27 (link)
3. Skinfood Tomato Sun Cream - RM 28 (link)
4. Skinfood Shake Point Makeup Remover - RM 40 (link)
5. Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask - RM 32 (link)
6. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - RM 61 (link)
7. 3CE Lip Pigment (Electric Pink) - RM 40 (link)
8. Peripera Ink the Velvet 
(Sellout Red, WOW Pink, Love Sniper Red) - RM 32 each (link)


1. I want this Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off because I feels my face smoother after using 3 times per week. I already used my 1st ever purchase bottle finished. I wish to have it in my bathroom again. 

2. I want this Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off because the scent of the mask is strawberry. I love strawberry when I applied it on my face. It is wash off mask anyway. It is very easy mask for me as I am quite lazy person sometimes. 

3. I want Skinfood Tomato Sun Cream because it always my sunblock for my face before going out.

4. I want Skinfood Shake Point Makeup Remover because I want to remove my lipstick stain on my lips. Previous time, I keep using wet tissue and it makes my lips dry. I believe Skinfood makeup remover won't cause my lips dry. 

5. I want Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask because I want it long time ago. I didn't manage to buy it at a website (I forgotten what website), finally, I saw it at Althea Korea website. 

6. I want Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because it seriously moisture my lips every morning I woke up from sleep. I got my 1st ever bottle from my beloved friend as Christmas 2016 present. 

7. I want 3CE Lip Pigment (Electric Pink) because I really want it long time ago. I didn't manage to buy it because I felt it is quite expensive. Since ShopBack organize this contest, I hope ShopBack can grant this item included 10 items as I want from Althea Korea. 

8. I want Peripera Ink the Velvet (Sellout Red, WOW Pink, Love Sniper Red) because I am Lipstickaholic MissJasJas. I started to collect lipstick after attending an event at NARS in 2014. One of the makeup artist apply red lipstick on my lips and I looks so good on myself. From that time, I felt more confidence on myself. 

Total of those products that I mentioned are 10 products! 
Total of the cost of the products are RM 344.
 ShopBack can save 7.0%. 
Total is RM 344 x 7.0% (cashback) = RM 24.08 (cashback)
ShopBack can save RM 24.08! 
Total of these 10 products cost = RM 319.92!

Among all, I want ShopBack grant the Red Instax Camera Mini 70 for me!! I want it because I want to take selfies with my husband as I can keep them into the album. I want it because I want to take selfies with my family so that I always remember them. I want it because I want to take selfies with my beloved friends so that I can give one of the selfie film to her/him. I want it because I want to take selfies of myself so much!! 

For more information 
Remember to download ShopBack

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